Why should I use a Benro UV, CPL or ND lens filter on my camera lens?

26 June 2017

Does your lens really need a filter? The simple answer is – yes, it does! Natural light can be a photographer’s best friend or worst foe depending on the situation. This is why a camera lens filter is such a necessary accessory to any photographic kit. It protects your lens so that your investment lasts. It also improves image quality with better light transmittance, ultimately rendering richer colours. Benro specialises in quality UV, CPL and ND filters.

UV Filters

UV filters do more than what you would think. In the past, these filters were used to block UV light from reaching the film, but DSLR sensors now have UV/IR filters in the front of the sensor, so they are no longer used to block out ultraviolet light.

These days, UV filters for camera lenses help reduce glare and remove the blue-purple hue often captured by DSLRs when used without a UV filter on the lens. But, does your DSLR really need a UV filter? Imagine you invest in a 10+K body and an expensive lens to match; wouldn’t you want to protect your investment with a filter to match? Something as thin and seemingly unnoticeable as a slice of glass can make a remarkable difference in enhancing your photography and protecting your lens. But, that doesn’t mean that you should only protect your high-cost equipment. Benro UV filters are made from high-quality optical glass and include various ranges to protect your grand gear and your economical alternatives.

Enhance: Expect greater colour and tonal saturation – the top-range SHD Benro filter series is covered with an ultra-low chromatic aberration (ULCA) coating that reduces glare for better contrast. And thanks to a high 99% UV transmittance (4% higher than many other brands/series), Benro SHD UV filters have hardly any effect on the light quality entering the lens, so you can capture breathtaking images.

Protect: Photographers are always on the move, so take your lens outside without worrying about accidental bumps and scratches. The UV filter also protects your front lens element against dust, moisture and finger smudges.

Top-of-the-range SHD series

The Super High Digital (SHD) series filters are made from a high-quality optical material providing the best optical technology for your lens that guarantees authentic lens colouring. From 49 mm to 82 mm in diameter, these ultrathin (1.6 mm thin glass and rugged black brass 3 mm filter ring) and optically flat UV filters have:

  • 16 layers of ULCA coating to reduce flare, and
  • a scratch-resistant waterproof multi-coating (WMC) coating making it water and oil-repellent

Traditional UD series

The Universal Digital (UD) series filters are fitted with traditional high-tech single layer coatings that decrease internal flare on sensors. From 37 mm to 82 mm in diameter, these optically flat and thin glass filters transmit more than 95.5% and are fitted with rugged black alloy filters rings to protect your front lens element from damage.

Benro specialises in quality UV, CPL and ND filters.

© Lappies Labuschagne

Circular Polarising Filters

Once you have looked through a Circular Polarising (CPL) filter, you won’t be able to unsee the splendour. You simply have to see it to believe it. It changes how your camera sees reflections and flare, rendering beautifully rich, vibrant and textured colours.

When shooting with a CPL filter, you’ll be able to increase concentration in colour and…

  • Deepen the sky blue, or any colour for that matter: Rotate the filter and you’ll see the sky change from a pale to a royal blue that is begging you to calm dawn and revel in the bliss and Mother Nature.
  • Cut out glare on shiny (non-metallic) surfaces, aka water and glass: Whether you are shooting the ocean during broad daylight or the fine curves of ARTchitecture, use a CPL filter to remove the reflected light from plane surfaces.

First-rate SHD series

Benro SHD CPL filters flaunt an ultra-thin (1.6 mm optical glass), yet strong (3 mm brass filter ring) design that reduces more dark corners that normal CPLs.

The WMC coating repels moisture making cleaning simple while the ULCA coating ensures natural colour balance since no colour is highlighted more than another. Basically, these filters can do everything that the SHD UV filters can, with the added benefit of better contrast. They are available in diameters ranging from 49 mm to 82 mm, so you can no excuse no the fit one to your lens.

Remember that with filters less is more. You will lose lens quality and your previous moola if you take the add-on approach, so rather invest in what you really want from the get-go.

Economical UD series

UD lens filters don’t break the bank, so if you are looking for a CPL filter for any lens ranging from 37mm to 82 mm, Benro has it. Even though they don’t have ULCA or WMC coatings, they are made with high-definition optical manufacturing process so you can better illuminate your images for less.

Benro specialises in quality UV, CPL and ND filters.

© Lappies Labuschagne

Neutral-Density Filters

Get those silky smooth water effects with neutral-density (ND) filters. Whether solid or gradual, ND filters allow you to shoot with a wider aperture at a slower shutter speed ideal for capturing motion without overexposing your image.

Benro’s filter range includes solid and variable filters. Solid filters allow you to reduce a set light stop for longer exposure times, whereas Benro NDX variable filters empower you to reduce up to 7 light stops depending on your preference. As you twist the filter, you adjust the darkness of the filter, particularly useful in fast-changing lighting situations such as sunsets. At the top-of-the-range are NDX filters available in diameters from 67 mm to 82 mm. These filters include ULCA and WMC coatings.

SD NDX variable filter series

Benro SD NDX variable filters empower you to reduce up to 7 light stops depending on your preference. As you twist the filter, you adjust the darkness of the filter, particularly useful in fast-changing lighting situations such as sunsets. These NDX filters are available in diameters from 67 mm to 82 mm and include ULCA and WMC coatings.

SD ND filter series

Landscape photographers love Benro SD ND solid filters as these allow them to reduce a set (3 or 10) light stop for longer exposure times. Simply screw a 3-stop or 10-stop filter to your lens to capture those cloud streaks as they dress the sky. These are available for lens diameters ranging from 49 mm to 82 mm. And if it starts drizzling when you’re outside, the WMC coating will protect accidental moisture contact with the lens.

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