The RED-E Monopod and Slider Mount


The RED-E 900mm Monopod and Slider Mount with selfie stick capabilities can extend to 900mm and enables the user to mount any compact camera with a 1/4-inch mounting screw. The included slider mount allows one to use the GoPro attached to its quick release. The SmartMount, sold seperately, enables the user to mount their smartphones on the monopod as well.


Selfie Stick Revolution


The selfie stick phenomenon, which got its start in Asia, has taken the world by storm. Whether you love them or hate them, you have got to admit that selfie sticks are changing the way we take photos. Self portraits have been around for centuries but the selfie stick and the digital revolution has taken this concept to the next incredible level.

The selfie stick was invented twice, twenty years apart, by different photographers on opposite sides of the world. First invented in 1983 by the Japanese photographer, Hiroshi Ueda, the selfie stick, with the help of its second inventor, Wayne Fromm has become one of the most popular camera accessories for tourists and celebrities alike.

Exploring the “selfie” and the “stick”

According to the Oxford dictionaries, a selfie (noun) is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone, digital camera or webcam and uploaded to social media such as Facebook or Pinterest.

Although the selfie stick and the concept of taking a selfie were only invented in the last twenty years, the idea of selfies is anything but new. Remote timers and triggers have been available on cameras for decades allowing photographers to take photographs including themselves in the shot. With technology and digital photography today almost everyone is a photographer, capturing memories and uploading them daily. The selfie stick is slowly shaping the concepts of modern day self portraits and perceptions of self in a revolutionary way.

The selfie is now officially a mainstream trend that celebrities, astronauts, popes and presidents have all taken part in. With the Times Magazine declaring the selfie stick one of the greatest inventions of 2014, it is no surprise to see celebrities like Barak Obama, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and even Pope Francis taking selfies. Probably the most famous selfie to date is the latest Oscars selfie taken by Bradley Cooper featuring Kevin Spacey, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence and Ellen DeGeneres, among others. The Oscars selfie is one of the best examples of why you would want a selfie stick – to include yourself, your friends, family and as well as the background in your shot. Never before has it been so easy for the photographer to include themselves in the photograph whilst still having significant control over the shot and composition.

RED-E 900mm Monopod and Slider Mount for GoPro with selfie stick capabilities


The reason why you would want a selfie stick, instead of just using your arm is that the stick can extend to a better vantage point. Avoiding the “head filling the shot” look and it gives you more control over how much of the background you want in your image. There is also composition to consider: An extended arm will be visible in a selfie, but a properly positioned selfie stick won’t be visible at all. With a little bit of practice, you can get the kind of inclusive shots that might otherwise require you to hand your phone or camera off to a stranger.

The RED-E’s Slider Mount allows mounting for 2 GoPro’s or a GoPro and Powerbank for extra view points and battery life. The lockable alloy ball head gives you 360º rotation allowing you to compose with ease providing you both versatility and stability.

Person using selfie stick
Couple using selfie stick