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About Wouda McMicken

Wouda McMicken spends her work days as part of the driven Outdoorphoto team. She enjoys photography, especially experimenting with her treasured Nikon Film camera. The privilege of doing interviews with Professional Photographers all over the world is what makes her get up in the mornings, excited for a new day’s work. She is a self-confessed klutz and can be easily bribed with a stylish pair of jeans or good food. Having the ‘need’ for her nails to be neatly painted at all times, fresh jam doughnuts and salted caramel ice cream is her kryptonite. She dreams of a future filled with sunny skies, palm trees and sandy beaches with her Ukulele and a Piña Colada close by.

Spiders aren’t scary

Vida van der Walt captures spiders making them look cute instead of scary and tells us why she absolutely loves photographing these feared little creatures.


Capturing Striking Dance Portraits with Rachel Neville

Having an understanding of photography and dance is one thing, having drive to create something different and fresh, capturing the unrestrained, raw emotion dancers exhibit takes a lot of time and dedication. Multi-talented photographer, Rachel Neville, has made it her life’s work to capture people who express themselves through the art of dance.


South Africa’s GoPro HERO6 Black Launch

At SA’s GoPro HERO6 launch we played around with the GoPro HERO6 Black exploring new angles with different mounts and accessories, flew the Karma drone for the very first time and found out how freaking amazing the QuikStory app is.


Wouda Interviews Local Wildlife Photographer Hannes Lochner

Since Hannes Lochener is on the verge of launching his new coffee table book, Planet Okavango, we decided to chat with him and find out more about his life “living" in the African bushveld. This man works extremely hard to do what he enjoys most and it’s remarkable hearing all of the stories he has to tell. His heart lies right here on our continent and as for the future, he wishes to explore all the splendours that Africa has to offer.


Why We Shoot Film in the Digital Age

It’s safe to say that many film photographers enjoy the challenge of thinking before pressing the shutter button and waiting for the results - this is what makes film photography so precious. And knowing that film photography means so much to so many different people is really fulfilling.


An Interview with Street Photographer Valérie Jardin

Valérie Jardin is a street photographer and visual storyteller who describes photography as a way of life and chasing light, her sole desire and obsession… her addiction. Her photographs wisp you away to experience different cultures and without even realising it, you slowly drift off to some breathtaking, new destination.