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Outdoorphoto is a photography specialist shop in Pretoria, South Africa. We love everything photography and that enthusiasm spills over to our community. We love writing and sharing interesting stories and news about photography and about ourselves with people with a passion for this lifestyle. Outdoorphoto has a beautiful online shop as well as a mega store in Garsfontein Drive, Pretoria. We not only sell cameras and other photographic gear, but also offer equipment rentals. We also have a massive community with a forum and photo galleries where our community family share and discuss their passion.

Shoot Tethered with Tether Tools Cables and Adaptors

With Tether Tools TetherPro cables & Jerkstopper cable management tools you don’t have to worry about losing valuable image files thanks to secure connections that prevent accidental dislodging. The reinforced cables also provide the fastest and most reliable transfer rates to keep you tethered workflow running at optimal speed.


Power up with Hähnel Batteries and Chargers

Before preparing for that important wedding or going on your next trip, keep in mind that one or two extra batteries and a charger are essential pieces of equipment to ensure that you don’t get stuck in a sticky situation.