About Sean Nel

Sean has been shooting since schooldays (started with a borrowed Pentax K1000 from His sister, also a photographer) but only became seriously involved with photography when he returned from living in Eastern Europe. While overseas he did shoot some non-profit editorial work and also made the big switch from Nikon to Canon. Today, Sean likes to shoot Stock. "Stock is the 'best of both worlds' industry, that requires creativity and very set guidelines to be successful..." Sean also teaches photography (basic, advanced & other Stock-related courses) and frequently arrange "shooting days" for photography clubs and individual groups.

Nov 2014

Peak Design Capture Mount

By |7 Nov 2014|

The Peak Design “Capture Pro” Camera Clip mount is a solution to a problem I didn't know I had. It's a bit like a iPad or other tablet. Before I got one, I didn't need one. Now that I have one I can't figure [...]

Sep 2014

Benro S6 tripod Video head

By |15 Sep 2014|

When comparing material, build and price it is hard to beat the Benro range of tripods and video heads. We uncover why the Benro S6 video head is so amazing

Jul 2014

MindShift Rotation 180 Professional – Bag Review

By |24 Jul 2014|

If you‘re an on-the-go photographer, MindShift bags are definitely for you! "Photographers assume it’s a camera bag, and backpackers know it is, but it is possibly one of the best 'active' backpack camera bags I have come across to date!"

Jan 2014

How to choose a lens

By |4 Jan 2014|

    I think one of the number one questions we get asked, no matter what the original presentation, or theme or topic of workshop is: “Which lens should I buy?” As soon as I hear the question, I start getting nervous, because this [...]

Nov 2013

Sensual Beauty Stock Shoot – Layouts and BTS

By |18 Nov 2013|

    Last weekend we did a rather large stock shoot day at the ShootsImaging studio under the theme of Sensual Beauty / “Uber Sexy”. We had one day to shoot 8 people, and would need to overlap on outfit changes and also slot in [...]

Oct 2013

CamRanger Review

By |16 Oct 2013|

Photographer Sean Nel reviews the CamRanger during a shoot of the Mrs Modern Woman Pageant shooting in the Warbirds hanger with a Antonov AN-2 in the back.

Sep 2013

Canon EOS 70D – First Impressions

By |13 Sep 2013|

    I think Canon is on a Roll: The last three bodies I have looked forward to from the Canon stable have all been better than expected. I know I might be biased, but this time it’s a body that I didn’t buy [...]

Aug 2013

Flash Duration t.1 vs t.5

By |20 Aug 2013|

Sean Neal from Shoots Imaging tests out the difference between using t.1 and t.5 flash durations on different subject matter using Profoto lighting gear.

Benro KH25 Video Tripod – In Use

By |14 Aug 2013|

This review of the Benro KH25 video tripod takes you through the pros and cons of using this Benro tripod as well as exploring the brand that is Benro.

Canon 40mm STM Review

By |2 Aug 2013|

Photographer Sean Nel puts the the Canon 40mm STM Lens to the test and reviews it taking readers through the highs and lows of his experience.

Jul 2013

Chocolate Body

By |30 Jul 2013|

    Continuing on with our “Food” Photography, we decided to give something a bit messier a go: Chocolate! We need: 1. Chocolate: Check 2. Plastic… lots of plastic: Check 3. Cool Model: Check! 4. Assistants: Check! This was our first try at chocolate, [...]

B+W 77mm F-PRO ND (110) MRC Filter

By |15 Jul 2013|

    There are days when you just need to get rid of light. Odd, I know, especially since we are always looking for more light! But true nonetheless. My first line of defence used to be my trusty old polarizer but I only drop [...]

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