TLSA Photographer Joe Louw

About Joe Louw

Photographer at TIMELAPSE SA Timelapse photographer and Shukuma dolly designer / engineer Joe Louw has been in the photography industry since 1999. Starting out as professional wedding photographers, Joe and his wife Jonelle quickly developed a trustworthy reputation offering quality products in the wedding industry. Their intense passion for nature, along with many journeys traveling to our neighboring countries was the driving force behind their decision to venture into other genres of photography. This also led them to take a break from the wedding industry whilst they became qualified field guides working in the hospitality industry. Along with a passion for photography, Joe has an incredible ability to understand almost all technical fields. He learnt about timelapse photography for the first time in late 2010, and it soon became somewhat of an obsession to know as much as possible about this exciting technique. With timelapse photography came dolly sliders and motion controlled timelapse rigs - and that is how the Shukuma dolly was born. Having recently established Timelapse SA, Joe Louw is the first person to produce motorised timelapse dollies in South Africa. His comprehensive knowledge and experience in timelapse photography allow him to deliver outstanding work. His perfectionistic nature and high standards are the key behind the superb quality of the Shukuma dolly which equals, if not excels, other units available internationally. For details visit
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