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Brendon Cremer is a wildlife photographer and specialist photographic safari guide. Brendon leads photo safaris, workshops and tours especially designed for photographers of all levels! The success of a Photographic Safari, Workshop or Tour is of the utmost importance and this is governed by many factors but the most important, being in the right place at the right time to capture that dream shot. Spending quality time in the field at some of Africa's Premier wildlife locations and going home with some mind blowingly exceptional images. "Being a professional wildlife photographer, photographic guide and a highly experienced safari guide myself, I know what you the photographer are after, therefore i can help make sure that your photo safari, workshop or tour is a photographic adventure of a lifetime and that you return home with not only exceptional images but also a new admiration for Africa and its wildlife."

Mar 2017

Nov 2016

Getting Started with Time-lapse Photography

By |8 Nov 2016|

There are a number of ways of shooting time-lapses. Many of the new generation cameras even have a built-in time-lapse function. I however, try and avoid this as shooting a series of stills and then converting the individual frames into a time-lapse sequence later, [...]

Aug 2016

Brendon Reviews the Nikon D500 DSLR Camera

By |30 Aug 2016|

Hi all. So today I thought I would write a quick review on the fairly recently released Nikon D500 DSLR Camera. I have been asked by many to share my thoughts on this camera, so in the below review I will talk about some [...]

Jun 2016

May 2016

Low Key Wildlife Photography with Brendon Cremer

By |26 May 2016|

We are officially entering the Dark Side with Brendon Cremer... Low-key photography is an exciting genre of wildlife photography, although challenging for both the beginner and experienced photographer, the results are extremely rewarding when you nail the image. Low [...]

Apr 2016

Jul 2015

Noise in Images and How to Get Rid of It!!

By |13 Jul 2015|

In today’s age of digital SLR cameras, the image quality is amazing, but one thing we hear on a regular basis is still the issue of noise or grain in images, especially images shot at low light. One of the greatest issues with photographers [...]

Processing Wildlife Composites

By |9 Jul 2015|

As promised, and as a continuation of my previous post "Shooting Wildlife Composites", I will go through the post processing workflow on how to combine and stitch your composite images into the beautiful product you envisaged. The following workflow will include the use of [...]

Jun 2015

Wildlife Flash Photography Tips at Dusk and Dawn

By |29 Jun 2015|

Dusk and dawn are magical times of the day for flash photography. The sky is usually at it very best 15 to 30 minutes before and after sunset and sunrise, weather permitting of course. Combine these rich colours creating stunning backdrops with an interesting [...]

Shooting Wildlife Composites

By |23 Jun 2015|

Have you ever found yourself so close to an animal you simply cannot fit its entire body into the frame? Or find yourself with a fantastic scene before you and all you have is your long telephoto lens, having left your wide-angle at home? [...]

It’s all in the Eyes

By |10 Jun 2015|

For the beginners entering into the realm of photography, wildlife photography can be one of the toughest fields to master. Together with all the normal challenges of general photography and getting your head around your camera, you also have to deal with subjects that generally [...]

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