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Sep 2016

10 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your GoPro

By |26 Sep 2016|

GoPro’s are amazing cameras that deliver crystal clear HD video at a relatively affordable price point. They allow us to shoot video and images with new angles and perspectives. Strap it to your head, take it on your next scuba- or skydive or take [...]

Jan 2016

Practicing Bird Photography at Montecasino

By |19 Jan 2016|

Is it cheating? Some people will tell you that taking photographs of birds or animals in captivity is cheating. Well, yes, if you claim to have shot those images in the wild and you are trying to mislead people, but it is definitely not [...]

Dec 2015

Oct 2015

Shooting and Processing Landscape Panoramas

By |16 Oct 2015|

Have you ever wanted to capture a beautiful landscape but the scene is just too big to fit into your frame? Then creating a panorama is definitely the way to go. I want to give you some tips and how to shoot a panorama [...]

Sep 2015

Creating a Photoshop Action to Watermark your Images

By |10 Sep 2015|

Watermarking images is very important for photographers, because it is a means to protect their intellectual property. Watermarking is not a foolproof method to avoid having your images stolen online, because someone could “Photoshop” your watermark out if they really, really wanted to. Nevertheless, [...]

Aug 2015

Sharpening Images in Photoshop Using a High Pass Filter

By |26 Aug 2015|

There are many different ways to sharpen images in Photoshop, such as the standard “Sharpen”, “Smart Sharpen” and “Unsharp Mask” filters. I want to show you how to use a “High Pass” filter for easy and effective sharpening. Below is the photo that I [...]

Jul 2015

The basics of shooting video with your DSLR

By |1 Jul 2015|

The Basics of Shooting Video with your DSLR   Shooting video footage with a DSLR camera is no longer anything new and the use of DSLR’s in filmmaking has been adopted by some of the best filmmakers in the industry, including those in Hollywood. [...]

Jun 2015

An Unusual Rhino Sighting

By |5 Jun 2015|

Kruger National Park   There is something magical about being in the bush, the fresh air, the colours, the smells, the excitement of possibly being in the right place at the right time to see something incredibly unique. My recent trip to the Kruger National [...]

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