About Bill Davies

Born in Harare Zimbabwe in February 1970, I have lived in South Africa since 1983. I live with my wife Lors (who is also my art director), and our two children in Johannesburg. I work for large multinational food services company and while my work is very rewarding, my real passion is photography. I first started in photography back when I was about 8, with a small instamatic that used 110 film cartridge. (Remember them?) As soon as I could I moved onto a SLR starting with a Ricoh, and eventuality graduating to a Pentax. I managed to wangle my way into the position of Regimental Photographer when I did my National Service. I took photos’ while the others marched! I continued to take photo’s after my army career but my interest was really reinvigorated when I bought my first digital SLR, a Canon 300d. Before moving back to Johannesburg I was a member of the Durban Camera Club. This was an incredible experience and the chance to share photographs with like minded people was an educational treat. The club provided inspiration and allowed for criticism which motivates you to move forward. I did not join a club in Johannesburg due to work and study pressures. I was completing my BCom part time through Unisa. (Thank goodness that’s now done.) I did however join Flickr, which has been a great experience. I am always excited when people approach me to use my images, and I have had images used in Calendars, on websites and in news print on occasion. Albeit for free, I have loved the exposure. I now have a handful of images on and have had a few sales. Not enough to live on though…..tut tut I currently use a Canon 5D II (my treat to myself after passing my degree.) I am passionate about industrial photography and enjoy portraiture, wild life and sports photography (what I would not do for a rugby or cricket sports pass), and I would love to expand into taking stock photography.

Drive West – Part 2

Read Part 1 of this article Day 5 and 6 Eagerly trying to escape the mist we traveled further south through Kleinsee towards Hondeklip Bay. Kleinsee is an isolated, nearly abandoned diamond mining town. The road from Kleinsee to Koingnaas is tarred, this is surprising [...]

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