Atomos monitor-recorder hybrids let you unleash your DSLR or mirrorless camera’s full potential by capturing 4K HDR / HD ProRes Video via HDMI and / or SDI inputs. It’s the affordable way to unlock your camera’s professional capability and streamline your post-production workflow, ideal for photographers who shoot both stills and video.

The Rec. Play. Mon. Edit. Workflow

Atomos has redefined what monitors and recorders can do by merging what was a separate feature set for Recording, Playback, Monitoring and Editing into a single device that makes every camera a professional camera.

Every camera records, however the internal recording often isn’t suitable for professional applications. Atomos overcomes many of the limitations professionals face with their camera.

Instantly review and collaborate on set with crew and clients.

Atomos combines external recording with a professional touchscreen monitor that is armed with scopes and tools for perfect shot setup.

Edit on the fly and finalise in post using your NLE of choice.

Shoot What You See in Reality

  • See images the way they appear in reality. Atomos records directly from your camera’s sensor, delivering maximum sensor detail in your recordings. This means that your screen will accurately display HRD Log footage with the right brightness to see Log as they eyes see it. It ignites scenes with 1500 nit of light, ideal for shooting outdoors even in bright sunshine.
  • Record to HDD / SDD using Apple’s ProRes or Avid’s DNxHD edit-ready codecs
    Atomos partners with editing software brands like Apple, Adobe and AVID to create add-on camera touchscreens for Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, Arri, JVC and Red to improve quality, cut production costs and save time in the end-to-end workflow.
  • Battle-ready build – like a true warrior
    Atomos field recorders are identifiable by their warm, bold colours and robust, yet lightweight housings, so you’re ready to hit the field immediately.
  • Longer recording times in 4K and HD
    Record clean output signals at high resolution with Atomos that is now equipped with two battery slots for longer operation time.

Shogun Flame 7-Inch 4K HDMI/12G-SDI Rec Monitor


Ninja Flame 7-Inch 4K HDMI Recording Monitor


Ninja Inferno 7-Inch 4K HDMI Recording Monitor


Ninja Blade 5-Inch 4K HDMI Recording Monitor


Samurai Blade 5-Inch SDI Monitor (Full Version)