Welcome Mat 1

Spanish street artist Pejac is known for clever, open-air artwork that comes with a social message. Pejac uses his fine art education to experiment with a variety of techniques, continuously searching for the one that does the best job of conveying the desired atmosphere of his vision and concepts. He works with everything. From oils and watercolour, charcoal and pencil, scarping, burning, stencilling, and spraypainting, and is no stranger to sculpture and installations. The artist sees his practice “more like a marathon than a sprint while valuing the importance of the route.” 

For the location of his latest piece, Pejac chose the entrance of a building in the very centre of the city of Aberdeen (Scotland). This property was specifically chosen because it hosts many charities as well as homes for vulnerable residents facing social exclusion. 

Welcome Mat 2

The tiny figures that make up this doormat come together to stand for every aspect of the Welcome concept. The message is one of dignity – understanding that those who have been pushed to the margins of society can recognise the importance of an open and heartfelt welcome more than anyone. It reframes the potential of those who have been discriminated against and in some sense stepped over by society, and presents them as united and proud. The beautiful illusion comes together perfectly and is meant to symbolize, according to the artist, that people are “tired of being stepped over.”

The art was made for the Nuart Festival 2022, which took place from June 9 to 12. The theme was to reconnect the city and its people.

Welcome Mat 3
Welcome Mat 4