11 Jun 2009

The Aperture is the “value” given to a certain condition in your camera, directly relating to the amount of light passing through to the film or sensor for X amount of time.

In every lens there is an iris that controls the amount of light that reaches and exposes the FILM, CCD or CMOS. The F-STOP relates to the size of the “hole” or the amount of light the iris lets through. The aperture also has a direct influence on DEPTH OF FIELD (DOF) and/or SHUTTER SPEED. The minimum aperture also has an influence on AUTO FOCUS performance and ability.

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Sean has been shooting since schooldays (started with a borrowed Pentax K1000 from His sister, also a photographer) but only became seriously involved with photography when he returned from living in Eastern Europe. While overseas he did shoot some non-profit editorial work and also made the big switch from Nikon to Canon. Today, Sean likes to shoot Stock. "Stock is the 'best of both worlds' industry, that requires creativity and very set guidelines to be successful..." Sean also teaches photography (basic, advanced & other Stock-related courses) and frequently arrange "shooting days" for photography clubs and individual groups.

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