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Be our Guest and Write for Us


Fancy yourself a writer, then this blog involves YOU, the avid photographer putting your writing skills and knowledge of photography to the ultimate test, and benefit to others. Our editors will read, revise and correct your article as needed and let you know if your article was hand-picked to appear on the Outdoorphoto Blog.

You may be thinking, “What’s in it for me?” The answer is quite simple. For each published article you will receive insane bragging rights. After all, being a published writer is always an honour. You are free to create links directly from your personal blog, website or Facebook account to help grow your following.

So, what are you waiting for? Put down your camera (for a little while) and start sharing your knowledge of photography with everyone out there.

Becoming part of this writing initiative is really easy! Check out our Guest Author’s information page which explains everything step-by-step.

About the Author:

Outdoorphoto is a photography specialist shop in Pretoria, South Africa. We love everything photography and that enthusiasm spills over to our community. We love writing and sharing interesting stories and news about photography and about ourselves with people with a passion for this lifestyle. Outdoorphoto has a beautiful online shop as well as a mega store in Garsfontein Drive, Pretoria. We not only sell cameras and other photographic gear, but also offer equipment rentals. We also have a massive community with a forum and photo galleries where our community family share and discuss their passion.

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