Outdoorphoto is totally infatuated with everything photography and so is our community. It’s for this reason that we’re inviting you to submit articles and reviews. We’d love to publish them on our blog in return for fresh exposure and, at the same time, keep our blog buzzing with interesting reads. If you have an interesting blog post in mind based on your experiences, tips and tricks, or even a review, we’d love to have you on board!

You may submit your work online as per the below guidelines or contact us directly.

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3 Steps to submitting your article

1. Activating your account
  • Go to the Author Section at the right of your account page.
  • Click on the link to activate your author profile.

Great! You’re now linked and setup as an author and will be able to access your Author Dashboard.

You will now need to edit your profile and add a short bio about yourself before you continue as only authors with a profile image and a bio can be published.

2. Adding and submitting an article

In your Author Dashboard click on “Add New Article” to start compiling a new article. You will be taken to an edit window where you will be able to visually compile your article, create headings, add images and more.

Write an interesting and concise title for your story. In the tags section, add a few words or key phrases that your article is about (separate them with commas). You will also need to select a category that best classifies your article. If the editor thinks the article better suits a different category, it might be reclassified.

If you’re not done working on your article and would like to continue at a later stage, you can save the article as a draft. However, if your article is complete and you’re happy with the way it looks, you can go ahead and submit it for review. Be aware that once an article has been submitted for review, you will not be able to edit it anymore, so you need to be certain you’re happy with it before submitting.

3. Editing draft articles

To see all your articles, you can click on “View My Articles” in your Author Dashboard control panel. This will show you a list of all your articles with their current statuses. You can see which ones are saved as drafts, which have been submitted for review and which have been published.

To continue working on a draft article, you simply click on the “Edit Article” link next to the article you’d like to work on. You will now be taken back to the edit window where you can continue writing, editing or proofreading. You may now re-save your work or submit it for review.


Once submitted, we’ll review the content and let you know if we’d like to publish it. Please note that we reserve the right to edit (spelling and grammar) and format to fit in with our blog style, but rest assured that we won’t change the integrity of your content.

Link exchange

Do you have a photographic website or social media page? If yes, we’ll gladly insert these links from the article. In return, I’d be great if you could share the article on your social media platforms and even your blog with a short write-up and link to the article.

Author badges

As our way of saying thank you, all our Guest Authors receive author badges. Feel free to share these on your website, print or social media websites!


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Copyright and crediting
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  • Crediting: This involves getting permission from the copyright holder and attributing it with the correct information and links.
  • Copyright: It is your responsibility to credit all appropriate contributors to your blog submissions’ content and visuals.
  • Model and property release forms: If you use images clearly showing the likeness of a person, you must have the appropriate model release from the person in question giving you permission to use their image in public. It must clearly indemnify any agents and/or assigns which will allow us to lawfully make use of the images as publisher thereof. Images without the proper model release documentation will not be published. The same accounts for property releases for images of famous buildings and structures.

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Reservation of rights
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Offensive content
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