Andre Badenhorst, is a Fujifilm X-Photographer and close friend of Outdoorphoto and Art of Print who photographs leaders in the alternative rock industry with beautiful colours and abstract themes. Whether it’s backstage, in “the pit” or in the studio, his work is striking and definitely has that “Andre touch”. We delve into his colourful world and catch up on life after Covid.

Andre Badenhorst photo of Angie Oeh

We last spoke a whole pandemic ago! What have you been up to since then and how did you keep sane during lockdown?

Sjoe! I’m not gonna lie, lockdown was really hectic for all of us in the industry, especially for those that love beer as much as I do. My friend, Pierre Theron, and I started an online weekly photo and video challenge called the ISO CHALLENGE. The aim of the challenge was to keep photographers sane and inspired during lockdown. It really helped get through times where it felt as if the walls where starting to close in on me.

We all know Covid really knocked the entertainment industry. Have you seen a shift in the industry since then?

I’m just so glad that all that shit is over and almost like a bad memory. I think one good thing that came out of the whole Covid mess is that people really missed going to live shows. For me, personally, it feels as if live shows are bigger and better with more people attending the shows. This year we had two Liefde By Die Dam concerts in Joburg, both with about around 15,000 attendees. Last weekend I photographed Francois Van Coke and Vriende – the show was sold out with 8,000 people attending the show.

Andre Badenhorst photo of Early B
Andre Badenhorst photo of Angie Oeh

What is your “staatmaker” gear list?

Fujifilm GFX50R paired with the 32-64mm GF Lens. When it comes to lights… as many Godox flashes as I can get my hands on! When it comes to any studio work I won’t rock up with less than 6 flash heads. I mostly use the Godox AD600 Pro flash heads. More recently I’ve been doing a lot of work using continuous lights, so I’m slowly starting to build that side of my kit up. One of my favourite continuous lights is the Godox VL300, it’s a BEAST!

How do you set yourself apart from other photographers? What does ROCK mean to you? 

The industry is very tough!! There is a hell of a lot of us out there. For me it’s all about being different – knowing the rules and breaking them cleverly. ROCK & ROLL IS A LIFESTYLE!

Here at Outdoorphoto we’ve dubbed you “King of colour”. Where do you get the inspiration for your colour palettes?

Haha! Thank You! My business partner Maritsa Bartmann studied fashion design and is a creative genius. She taught me the importance of colour and how you can use it to convey a specific mood in an image. You guys should definitely dub her the “Queen of colour”. Colour inspiration literally surrounds us if you take the time to notice.

Andre Badenhorst photo of Francois Van Coke

How long does it usually take for you to go from concept to shoot?

I would say we spend about 3 days in pre-production and a day in post-production.

You work with some of South Africa’s top alternative musicians – what is the best part about this “genre”?

The Wrap Parties!! Haha! But seriously, the best part for me, is to be able to create. I specialise in conceptual photography, so I get to create my own world. The most challenging aspect of this genre is understanding your clients brand. The hard work always happens during pre-production, shoot-day is when we have fun!

Are your creative portrait shoots collaborations with the artist themselves or is it all you?

It’s a bit of a mix with newer clients. There is a lot of work that goes into understanding their vision and message – from there we conceptualise. I’m super fortunate and have a lot of creative freedom with people I’ve been working with for years. The shoots or concepts are normally based off a single or the album’s message.

Please share with our readers how they too can get the opportunity to photograph big stars like Francois, Jack Parow etc.

It’s about breaking the norm and continuously putting out good work. Developing your own style is very important.

Are there any upcoming artists you love working with? 

I shot Angie Oeh’s EP cover as well as some content images. She’s amazing and I love working with her.

We’ve been following his work for so long and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Andre Badenhorst Rock Interview