Interview with photographer Agata Serge

19 Sep 2018

This talented young photographer has the world at her feet. Agata Serge’s work first grabbed our attention on Instagram earlier this year and left us wanting for more. Agata fell in love with New York City from the very first minute and dreamt of one day moving there. If she could shoot with any model or celebrity it would undoubtedly be Emma Stone: “She would be perfect for my freckles project”. And if she were to travel back in time, it would be to photograph the iconic Marilyn Monroe.

Agata Serge black and white freckles portrait
Agata Serge black and white freckles portrait
Agata Serge black and white freckles portrait

1) When and how did your love of photography, and freckles for that matter, develop into a career?

I feel as though I can’t quite call it a career yet as I only recently started treating photography as a full-time job. At this point I am trying to pick up as many commercial projects and fashion editorials and to find my place in the commercial industry. Fun fact: because of my love of freckles, I try to work with models that have them, even for these commercial projects. Freckle madness, isn’t it?

2) What is it about black and white photography that moves you to keep on shooting?

My love for black and white imagery started at the age of six when my dad took me to my first drawing class; at one point I simply exchanged my pencil for a camera. I must admit that there’s a lot of sentiment, but at this point, what drives me to create more black and white photographs are the challenges behind them. I’m met with the opinion that black and white photographs are easier to create; I feel it’s quite the opposite.

3) What editing/retouching tips or tricks do you have to share with our readers interested in making their black and white photographs pop?

This is definitely something that requires a longer description and I would be happy to show it to everyone during my photography workshops, which I organise from time to time and to which I cordially invite all the readers ☺.

4) Which would you choose and why: black and white portraiture or fashion photography?

Black and white fashion photography! (I try to convince some of my commercial clients to let me shoot only in black and white.) Recently, I did an interesting black and white campaign for a wedding dress designer, which I’ll be able to share soon. It’s really an amazing feeling when the client hands the work over to the photographer with complete trust and I think that’s when the best photos are created.

5) You’ve won and received many awards, have brag-worthy clients under your belt, been featured in tones of publications and hosted a couple of exhibitions. What is your proudest moment to date?

The most wonderful moment was when a model approached me after a photo shoot and thanked me for the photos I took. She said that it helped get rid of complexes and that thanks to the photos I took, she got rid of some complexes and fell in love with her own freckles. I am of course very grateful for all the awards and exhibitions, but I try to think about what’s ahead of me.

Agata Serge Black and White Fashion Photography
Agata Serge Black and White Fashion Photography
Agata Serge black and white freckles portrait

Agata’s photography gear:

Agata Serge behind the scenes

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Wouda McMicken spends her work days as part of the driven Outdoorphoto team. She enjoys photography, especially with her treasured Nikon Film camera.

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