Have you met Syrp? It is your new pocket-sized time-lapse motion control companion with a clever product/app solution that guides you every step of the way. What Syrp really does is add motion to your time-lapse, upping your game from time-lapse photography to time-lapse videography. By adding movement to your time-lapse, you can capture incredible footage of the dreamy, rotating night sky or the Aurora Borealis’s kaleidoscopic dance. The world is your oyster! You only have to find the perfect location and envision the shot – the Syrp Genie app (available on Andriod and iOS) will help you do the rest.

Syrp products are quite affordable, providing aspirant filmmakers with the necessary tools to capture great footage of stars, clouds, people or traffic (speeding up traffic is enough to make anyone excited!). With Syrp, you don’t have to be a technical genius as it bridges the gap between artistic freedom and technology, giving anyone the ability to go out and create.


How Does the Syrp Genie Work?

The Syrp Genie, Syrp’s flagship product, lets you rotate your camera for smooth 360° views. It is no wonder that Syrp fans capture the most incredible footage! With Syrp, why not? Simply mount it to a tripod of light stand for it to rotate around its baseplate and viola!

It works by connecting the app to your device/s wirelessly over Bluetooth. Thankfully, it is compatible with smartphones, and GoPro, compact, DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Next, the app gives you the option of shooting video, panoramas or time-lapse, each with its own setup options. These setup options depend on the Genie product or pairing, for example, if you’re shooting time-lapse with the Syrp Genie, manual setup options include setting the recording time, how long the final compiled time-lapse should play for, the intervals at which to take the photos and the degree of rotation it should cover. Once you are happy with a setup you can start shooting and even save your preset straight into the app for future use. If this seems too technical for you, simply select one of the handy presets – people, clouds, stars or night traffic. Through its smart virtual setup app, Syrp caters to your needs whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer.

The Syrp Ballhead is a lightweight solution designed to be used with the Genie as well as most tripods and monopods. It’s sleek design, quick release knobs and levelling features makes camera positioning a breeze. The ball head lets you adjust the angle of the camera once the Genie is mounted on the Magic Carpet, allowing for tilting motion control movements.

Genie, Syrp’s flagship product for professional time-lapse photographers. It attaches to tripods/light stands and thanks to its universal mounting plate, you can put the Genie on any slider you own.

* The Genie runs from a menu at the back while the Genie Mini is controlled by the phone app.

Syrp Genie Time-Lapse Device

For time-lapse newbies, the pocket-sized Genie Mini is a great tool for getting started. Mount it to your tripod/light stand and pair it with the app on your phone for step-by-step guidance. For 2-axis setup, combine the Genie Mini with…

Syrp Genie Mini Time-Lapse Device

If you have a Syrp Genie Mini, add the Syrp Pan Tilt Bracket for dynamic 2-axis time-lapse and real-time videos. And if you have the Genie, pair it with the Magic Carpet slider to enable multi-axis motion control for combining panning with smooth tracking movement. What this means is that you can rotate the camera to “look around” while it is moving, sideways, backwards or forward, ideal for documenting natural phenomena and even interviews.

And, if you didn’t know already, the Magic Carpet comes with integrated rope attachments for the Genie so you can manually setup the slider’s range up to 1.6m (long track). Unlike with other sliders, the Magic Carpet’s movement is only limited by the length of the rope and not the track itself. Mount up to 7kg of gear on the long track either in the centre or at either end of the track via 1/4″ or 3/8″ UNC threads.