In the era of Instagram Reels people keep getting more creative with their setups to make sure they stand out in a sea of creators. We are here to help you get started with a few hot accessories to help you enhance your reel filming experience.

Accessories to improve the way you film Reels


First up we have the Mini Ring Light, an excellent accessory that provides enhanced lighting with a compact, easy to use design. This light produces soft and flattering illumination, minimising harsh shadows and creating a professional-looking glow on the subject’s face. With adjustable brightness levels and colour temperature, you can customise the light to achieve a desired mood or style for your Reel.

Then we have the Godox LDP8BI Bi-Colour LED Video Light Panel, this is a great add-on when filming Reels. It’s like a versatile flashlight for videos. You can change the light’s colour to match different settings or moods, ensuring your videos have the look and feel you are going for. This light also features adjustable brightness, and helps you get the perfect amount of light. Skin tones and visuals can now look natural and vibrant!

The Phottix Raja Quick-Folding Octa Softbox (65cm) is a fantastic tool designed to boost the quality of your lighting setup. This softbox helps distribute light evenly, providing a more natural and professional look to your videos. It’s easy-to-assemble and user-friendly for content creators of all levels. The Light Dome II is perfect for achieving a cinematic and polished appearance in your Reels, making it a must-have accessory if you want to take your lighting game to the next level.

Accessories to improve the way you film Reels


The Insta360 2-in-1 Invisible Selfie Stick + Tripod is a versatile choice and acts as both a compact tripod and an invisible selfie stick, offering great flexibility to help capture dynamic shots. The invisible design ensures that the focus stays on your content without the distraction of a visible stick. Whether you’re filming a solo dance routine or a group video, this accessory provides stability for your camera while allowing you to experiment with different angles. It’s easy to carry around, and the dual functionality makes it a practical tool for various filming situations.

Accessories to improve the way you film Reels


The RODE Wireless Go II is a game-changer if you need clear and hassle-free audio. This pocket-size wireless microphone system lets you untether from your camera or smartphone, providing freedom of movement while maintaining high-quality audio capture. The Wireless Go II features two transmitters and a single receiver, allowing for dual-channel recording. Its small size and ease of use make it a great choice for quality sound on your Reels.

As a lavalier microphone, the Benro RAMC1 is a handy tool. Designed to be clipped onto clothing this microphone allows you to capture great sound directly from the source, minimising background noise. Ideal for professional sounding Reels. Its simplicity and portability make it a convenient choice, ensuring that your audience can hear every detail without distractions.

Accessories to improve the way you film Reels


Lastly we have the very practical but necessary LaCie 5TB Rugged External Hard Drive with USB-C. This is a reliable storage solution to store and back up your video content. Built to withstand tough conditions, the rugged design of this external hard drive ensures durability and protection against shocks, drops, and even water splashes. The USB-C connectivity provides fast data transfer speeds, helping ensure a seamless workflow. With a spacious 5TB capacity, you have plenty of room to store your Reels, photos, and other files.

Accessories to improve the way you film Reels

Reels have continued to grow in popularity since it’s launch in 2022. With tonnes of editing options and accessories on hand, you are sure to create some amazing content for your viewers.