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14 July 2015

Learn by Example – Wildlife Photography

By Villiers Steyn


I often lie awake at night. Not because I’m stressed or because we’ve got mosquitoes in the house, but because once an idea pops into my head, I can’t seem to stop thinking about it. One such idea snuck into my mind in August 2013 during a particularly inspiring week in Stellenbosch, which happens to be the same week Tabby and I decided to give up city live and to move to the Lowveld.


This insomnia-inducing idea revolved around my wildlife photographs and how I could share them with the thousands of amateur photographers out there who visit places like the Kruger National Park or Kgalagadi every year. And before I knew it, I was designing an app…!


Now, nearly a year and a half later, Learn by Example – Wildlife Photography has finally been released on both Apple and Android devices, ready to help you take your wildlife photography skills to the next level.



Here’s what you can expect:


The home page of Learn by Example – Wildlife Photography contains seven main categories, namely: Equipment, Settings, Composition, Light, Animal Behaviour, Creativity and, lastly, Shop, which links you to the Outdoorphoto website. 


Wildlife photography app image of main categories
Wildlife photography app Each tips page has between six and ten photographic tips

Each of the other six categories links to a tips page, which contains between six and ten valuable wildlife photography tips. Under Settings, for instance, you’ll find Get sharp shots and Freeze the action, and under Light you’ll find Create silhouettes and Nail the night drives. There are fifty tips in total.


Every tip consists of a number of photographic examples, each with a short description of exactly how the photo was taken or what the common mistakes are with that specific type of shot. The camera settings are also included.

Wildlife app on smart phone Examples include a photo, camera settings and a short description
Wildlife photography app for smart phone screenshot displaying action shots examples

The 165 wildlife photograph examples are therefore not only there to inspire you as a photographer, but to help you get specific shots right when you’re out in the field. You can read up on specific techniques while you’re chilling in the camp or use the app as a ‘cheat sheet’ when you’re struggling out on a game drive – you don’t need any cellphone signal to use it. And if there’s a specific example that you know you’re likely to revisit, simply add it to your favourites by clicking on the little heart in the top right corner.


A lot of thought has gone into the design of Learn by Example – Wildlife Photography. We’ve kept it short, striking and simple to use and understand, so that you can learn as much as possible without getting frustrated with unnecessary technical gobbledygook. Hopefully it will help you to finally get those coffee table-type shots you’ve dreamed of taking all your life…


Wildlife photography app screenshot of marking favourite examples
Screenshot of wildlife photography app - learn by example
Learn by example photography app search function

Download Learn by Example – Wildlife Photography by clicking on the following links:



If you enjoy the app, please leave a review in the App Store or Google Play Store.


Happy photography,




Learn by Example – Wildlife Photography was designed by Whizz Mobile 


About the Author:

Villiers Steyn is an online photography teacher, wildlife photographer and travel writer based in Hoedspruit, South Africa. He presents courses on Udemy.com, leads photographic safaris for At Close Quarters and has had his work published in leading travel magazines, including go!, DriveOut, Getaway, Country Life and Travel Africa.

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