7 Wedding photographers to follow on Instagram

15 Mar 2018

Blanche Burger

One of Blanche’s favourite things is photographing organic emotions and through wedding photography, she gets to experience first-hand the intimate moments that couples treasure for life. Her documentary style of capturing candid moments decorates her Instagram account; which she uses to reach potential in love clients, engage with other talented photographers and get her “creative juices” flowing.

What does Blanche have in her bag? A Canon 6D and 5D Mk III, oh and don’t forget her signature red lipstick!

Blanche B Photography

© Blanche Burger

Blanche B photography

© Blanche Burger

Matt Masson

Meeting the bride and groom beforehand is key, and with Matt Masson, it’s no different – he meets up with clients face-to-face or via Skype. Matt describes his style as organic and fun-loving. Creating beautiful, memorable images on a couple’s wedding day is what keeps him inspired.

A case involving a missing SD card wallet caused him to start shooting backups on all weddings (so his client’s photographs are safe in his hands)! Matt uses Instagram every day to enhance various aspects of his business and to share his romantic, colourful photographs.

Matt Masson wedding photographer

© Matt Masson

Matt Masson wedding photographer

© Matt Masson

The Designer photo team

Designer photo uses their Instagram to engage with potential new clients and be part of a bigger photographic community.

Hema and the Designer photo team never planned on doing wedding photography but, after shooting a family member’s wedding, found themselves in love with the emotions and colours of traditional weddings. There’s a hint of fashion in their photos and they aspire to capture portraits that look like they belong on the pages of a magazine.

Hema shared a beautiful memory of a bride that was injured in an accident the day before her wedding. She got to leave the hospital for a few hours to experience her special day and the team took breathtaking photographs of her and her groom. Love truly conquers all.

designer photo team

© Designer Photo

Designer photo wedding team

© Designer Photo

Anina Harmse

Anina’s romantic portrayal of special wedding moments is clearly visible when scrolling through her Instagram, which she mainly uses to reach potential clients. Taking a photo of a bride at her most beautiful and seeing the way she glows is what she loves most about wedding photography. With her camera bag filled to the brim with Canon gear, she’s always ready to create long-lasting memories.

The excitement truly sets in when she meets her clients to discuss all their expectations, whereafter she can start to focus on those special moments she’ll create for her clients to cherish forever.

Anina Harmse Photography

© Anina Harmse

Anina Harmse Photography

© Anina Harmse

Liezel Volschenk

Liezel’s journey from assistant to professional photographer revealed all the romance and emotion-filled memories and because of this, she decided to become a wedding photographer. A raw and emotional moment like when a groom sees his bride for the first time makes her excited every time she sets out to shoot another love-struck couple’s wedding day. 

Giving credit where credit is due is a philosophy she lives by and for this reason, loves using Instagram. She can be part of a platform where fellow photographers support each other and admire each other’s work. When you scroll through her feed you can clearly see her documentative approach with a modern twist. 

Liezel Wedding Photographer
Liezel Wedding Photographer

Lynelle Pienaar

“You can experience it all, from landscape to portraiture.” That is why Lynelle became a wedding photographer. The first wedding she photographed came with a nervous bride and pouring rain, so she focused on keeping the bride calm and realised that she loved the challenge, which made it one for the books.

She uses Instagram to showcase her unique approach to wedding photography and also draw inspiration for when she needs it. Seeing other photographers’ breathtaking work refreshes her own creativity.

© Lynelle Pienaar


It only takes one look at JCclick’s work to know that they have a passion for people and photography. Warm and natural, their style is the perfect companion to every client’s big day. Besides the bridal couple shoot, one of their favourite parts of a wedding is the committed guests who get together to make the day extraordinary and give the bride and groom a lifetime’s worth of memories (even if they sometimes do make fools of themselves).

What they enjoy about Instagram and the main reason they use it, is to be a part of a supportive community.

JCCLICK Photography wedding photograph

© JCclick

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