While on vacation in Switzerland, Graham (Outdoorphoto’s marketing manager) met technical illustrator and landscape photographer Sandro Lechthaler while out taking photos. They started “talking photography” and went out shooting landscapes the next morning. When he got back to work, Graham told us all about his experience shooting in the Alps with Sandro and said that they’ll definitely meet up and shoot together again.

Born in the village of Altdorf, Sandro has always been surrounded by beautiful landscapes and has from a young age been very enthusiastic about various outdoor sports. Landscape photography beautifully combines his creativity with the love of being outdoors. He says that it’s “one of the best ways to relax and recuperate”.

The village of Altdorf in central Switzerland is surrounded by beautiful high mountains and was the home of legendary Swiss folk hero William Tell famous for his crossbow and arching skills. Legend has it that he shot an apple from his son’s head.

Sandro says that it’s important to get out, feel comfortable with your gear and practise getting the shot. “A good stable tripod and outdoor photography equipment and accessories can easily weigh up to 15 kg; however, not everyone can or want to carry this weight around for hours.” He uses a Nikon D810 with a couple of lenses:

He also packs:

  • An extra camera battery
  • Extra clothing (for the changing weather conditions)
  • Drinks and food to snack on
  • A Swiss army knife

5 Tips for shooting gripping landscape photographs

  1. Be active. Go out and discover new locations.
  2. Think about what you want to create and plan accordingly.
  3. Learn to read and prepare for the weather.
  4. Allow plenty of time to set up your composition.
  5. Make sure you don’t snooze your alarm. Sunrise in the summertime is early; very early!