Artists started with paper and pencil to bring ideas to life. With the evolution of the digital world, you can explore new ways of photo editing, digital drawing and painting. A drawing tablet offers an intuitive touch-sensitive surface and pen, mimicking the authentic experience of traditional drawing tools. We explore five advantages of using a drawing tablet to expand your understanding of how it can benefit you.

5 Benefits of using a drawing tablet for photographers

1. Intuitive drawing motion

The stylus pen, included with drawing tablets creates a real feel of drawing with instant results. It allows you to create smoother curves and complicated shapes much easier than a mouse. Its sensitivity and pressure level offers remarkable control to indicate how thick your lines and brushes should be by simply adjusting pressure. You can draw, edit and paint with exceptional detail to take full advantage of professional software.

2. Increased productivity and efficiency

Most drawing tablets feature keyboard shortcuts on the device that you can customise to access them instantly. You also have the option to customise the buttons on your pen. This lets you program scroll, zoom, erase or other favourites like your brush settings on the device. 

To further increase your efficiency and productivity, the tablet and pen are designed to be durable and lasting by making you comfortable for long hours of editing. It minimises repetitive stress injuries by offering a natural style of drawing without putting strain on your hands. The tablet placement presents a digital drawing pad that is placed close to you resulting in a natural way of designing compared to a mouse that is further away from your body.

5 Benefits of using a drawing tablet for photographers

3. Technical abilities

It is essential to capture the finest detail and highlight the important aspects of the design.

When using a drawing tablet for photo editing, you have the freedom to create shading, adjust exposure and brightness, remove backgrounds for high-key images and manipulate areas with just a touch. It offers the precision required for professional photo editing on Photoshop and/or Lightroom. Whether you are a photographer, graphic designer or 3D artist, the technical ability of these drawing tablets will leave you wanting more.

4. A sea of options

Achieve incredible detail in your work without breaking the bank. There are various sizes and brands available that you can choose from. The size area you work on is a personal preference and you can always scale up later. They start out as small as 200 x 160 mm and reach as large as 659 x 391 mm. Wacom is seen as one of the industry-leading brands but Huion is a fantastic affordable alternative that offers a wide selection of products.

5. Instant connection

How does it work? Simply connect to your computer or phone wirelessly or via a USB cable – this will depend on the model you have. Your edits are automatically displayed on the computer screen as you’re working on the tablet. If the drawing tablet has an LCD screen, you can view your edits on the tablet or computer’s screen simultaneously. Additionally, it allows you to save and share your file directly from your computer.

5 Benefits of using a drawing tablet for photographers

Experience new dimensions in your work with a drawing tablet that brings innovation to your hand.