Photographers share their resolution for 2022.

Excitement is in the air and we’re thrilled to see what 2022 has in store for the photographic industry. We decided to contact a few photographers to find out and share what their new year’s resolutions are.

Travel photographer Janik Alheit showcases the sheer beauty of the outdoors and highlights the hidden gems of South Africa’s travel industry. Martin Meyer paints a picture of the importance of wildlife through his unique style of photography, while Kirsten Roxanne expands on what conceptual photography can become. And Emmy pushes the boundaries of what fashion and portrait photography can be – creating colourful photographs and video.

Janik Alheit

“Travelling has been on the backburner for the past two years since COVID-19 started, so I would really love to go on my first international trip again this year. I have my eye on the South Pacific islands, maybe the Philippines or Bali. Definitely somewhere I can take underwater photographs as well as landscape and travel content. 

I’m also planning on visiting our neighbouring country Namibia, hopefully during the predicted rain! Capturing the rain in the dry desert has been a dream of mine since I started landscape photography, so if all goes well I might just tick that one off my bucket list this year!

Another passion of mine is astrophotography. South Africa is full of potential night-time locations and I would love to be the first to capture some of those locations during milkyway season.”

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Photographers share their resolution for 2022.

Martin Meyer

“If the last two years have taught me anything, it is that we live in a country of incredible, and irreplaceable beauty. We are privileged to see and experience that wonder and share it with the world. For 2022, I wish to explore and inspire more people through visual advocacy so they, too, wish to experience and take care of this beautiful country. If a leopard should pop up while I’m off exploring, I wouldn’t complain!

Autodidacticism (which is a fancy word for a person teaching himself/ herself a new skill) has become part of our everyday lives. This enables us to learn new things to build on what we have already learned. Therefore, I would like to use my gear to its full potential and apply this to enhance my knowledge of animal behaviour that could hopefully save me split seconds in the field. You search for hours or days and sometimes the opportunity arises only for a moment. As a photographer, your skill and preparation is vital. 

I’m truly blessed that a number of incredible organisations have reached out in the last couple of years wanting to use some of my photographs to help them achieve awareness in the wildlife and conservation fields. Documenting and sharing stories of the organisations and animals on behalf of them is an enormous privilege. I would love to be asked to donate and contribute in this way this year.”

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Photographers share their resolution for 2022.

Kirsten Roxanne

“I’m determined to work harder on my lighting skills in 2022 – experimenting with different lighting setups and creating a range of different moods. My aim is to refine my conceptual photography further by focusing on my specific style and designs. Hopefully this year, one of my biggest dreams can become a reality by owning my own studio space. I’m filled with excitement for what this year will hold and the challenges it will bring.”

In need of some conceptual inspiration? Take a scroll through Kirsten’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Photographers share their resolution for 2022.


“I started this year with a bang and already accomplished a resolution by cutting my hair for a photoshoot project. Who said creativity cannot involve a hairdo? 

In 2022, you can expect more cinematic videography in my work. It is crucial to broaden our techniques! As a photographer and videographer, it is also important to build our community up. In that regard, my focus this year will be on sharing my knowledge through live sessions and workshops.”

For some fashion inspiration, visit Emmy’s website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Photographers share their resolution for 2022.

Only the start

Being environmentally aware and having an overall positive message, is a trend that will continue to flourish in 2022. From fashion to travel and wildlife, that sense of hope can be seen across all genres. Start sitting at the edge of your seat because this year will also have exciting camera gear being launched. 2022 is sure to be a year to remember in the photography industry. Now it’s time to take out your pen and paper and start writing those resolutions. ;) 

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