Online shopping is becoming all the more popular with 80% of surveyed South Africans revealing that they have either maintained or increased their online shopping over the past 12 months. A total of 46% believe that they will make an online purchase within the next year. (Statistics from the South African Ecommerce 2017 Report.)

Interestingly, men are more inclined to shop online than women are. It could be that men simply don’t like going to shopping malls and find online shopping the convenient alternative, whereas women perhaps enjoy browsing around physical stores.

Reasons people are hesitant to shop online:

  • They don’t trust online payments.
  • They prefer to touch and feel products before buying.
  • They feel that shipping costs are too high.
  • They’re afraid of difficult return processes.
  • They’re afraid that the products won’t fit properly.

With hacking and scamming stories making their rounds, it’s understandable that people are hesitant to enter their details online, but there are many systems in place to make the consumers’ online experience a safe and secure one.

Reasons people want to shop online:

  • Time convenience.
  • Special offers.
  • Price comparison options.
  • Process convenience.
  • Access to detailed product information.

There’s no more standing in ridiculously long queues, or worrying about someone stealing your handbag. Whether you’re sick in bed, at work or in the bath you can shop online anytime, anywhere. You also have detailed information about the product you’re thinking of buying at your fingertips. Buying a camera? The specs and photographs are right there. Another cool thing about online shopping and social media is that you can explore tonnes of different brands. The best thing (for us at least) is receiving the package! It releases an explosion of happy hormones; almost like receiving a surprise gift for you, from you.

Why should you shop online at Outdoorphoto:

  1. Comfort is key. Statistics show that many people shop at night from about 6-9pm. You don’t have to pay attention to shopping hours or holidays – you can literally shop from anywhere at anytime.
  2. Ordering online is easy and convenient. You can get the great before finalising your purchase by talking to one of our Live Chat consultants, and you can choose between three different delivery options: standard delivery (2-4 business days), express delivery (1-2 business days) or you can arrange Saturday delivery on special request. Please note that special requests on Saturdays are only valid to specific areas. You can contact us to confirm with the couriers.
  3. Paying online is secure. We use third-party credit card processing for safe and secure online shopping. This ensures that none of your personal details are saved, giving you that extra peace of mind.
A photo of a woman doing online shopping from the comfort of her own home.
Safe and secure online shopping at Outdoorphoto
Safe Secure Easy Online Shopping

The next time you think about getting into your car just to drive to a busy, overcrowded shop, take a moment and think about all the benefits of online shopping. Happy shopping =)

Safe and secure online shopping at Outdoorphoto