1. How did you get into photography?
I grew up around nature and wildlife and developed a huge passion for wildlife, the photography just followed from there.


2. What is your Profession (Speciality)?
I am a profesional guide, wildlife photographer and tour leader.

3. Please describe your Photographic field:
I am a wildlife photographer that has a special interest in predators and especially leopards.

4. When you started out, what was the biggest “eye opener”? What were your expectations? What didn’t you expect?
When i started out in the tourisim and hospitality industry you quickely learn not to romantisize the job and living in the bush, it is not for everyone and is really hard work and long hours, but can be so rewarding and  pleasurable.

5. Tell us about your typical workday or workweek
A typical work day would be going to work dealing woth lodge operations and guests for most of the day, then in the afternoon/evening, spend some time editing images or go out for a drive.

6. What equipment do you shoot with?
I use Canon equipment, a 1D mk iii camera – its a great camera with fantastic capabilities, good focusing and great for both wildlife and avian photography. The lens i use most of all is my 70-200 f4 L – its agreat lens for most private game reserves where you are able to get up close to the wildlife, its super sharp, light and easy to handle.


7. What Computer hardware do you see as “must have” and required?
A good large screen with a hi colour ratio for editing pics as well as colour calabration hardware such as colour monkey or spyder.

8. What Software is needed to function in this field successfully?
Lightroom for photo management and some editing and photoshop is handy too.

9. In this line of photography, do you need extra tuition, further studies or an internship?
Some tuition would be of great help as your environment and light are changing constantly requireing different settings. a tutor would be able to point you in the correct direction.

10. Can I make a decent living with this specialist field, or do I need to market my services more generally?
You can, many a wildlife photographer have had successfull careers, but with all busnesses it will take time and a lot of exposure with a good plan.

11. How do you get work? Do you have an agent? Do you do your own marketing and advertising?
I do all my own marketing and advertising, never forget the powerful word of mouth too.


12. How much time do you spend actually shooting in any given week?
I spend as much time as possible out taking pics, this varies from week to week.

13. How much time do you spend editing or do you have a dedicated editor to do the work?
I do my own editing and spend about 2 to 3 hours a day editing.

14. Can you do this on your own, or do you need other specialists (like creative directors or food stylists, etc) to make the images happen?
You can do it on your own and you will soon develop your own unique style.

15. Can you effectively shoot other styles if need be, or is your field very specialized?
I can shoot other styles if really neccessary but try to leave that up to those who specialise in such feilds.

16. What threatens your profession?
The destruction or mismanagement of wildlife and natural ecosystems.

17. What future developments do you see in your line of work?
To continue photographing wildlife and hopefully share my knowledge and expariences to inspire others in the photography and conservation world.

18. Who was the photographer(s) that inspired you most and why?
Its difficult to pic out one, there are so many inspirational photographers out there, but if i had to pick one it would be Steve Bloom.

19. Would you do this (What you are doing today) again if you just started out today? Is it worth it?
Yes, it is very rewarding and a great lifestyle.

20. Any suggestions or “Pearls of Wisdom” for a Student wanting to get into this field?
Take the time to learn from those on photographic galleries such as ODP, give your images as much exposure as you can but most of all enjoy what you are doing, it is more of a lifestyle than a job.

by Brendon Cremer
All images © Brendon Cremer Photography

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