We set up at about 12pm and completed the shoot at 5pm. It was a very fast paced shoot, at the Little Theatre in Pretoria South Africa. The nice thing about these kinds of shoots are that you have ample working space to create a stage feel… it’s a real stage, after all! The problem is that because it’s such a large space (a typical performance has a full live band on the stage as well doing all the music) We could boost the ISO and get more ambient stage lighting on there, but the end product needed to be lifesize posters, so we decided to rather do a cut-out semi-isolation with a darker background than risk extra noise. In the end, the actual dancers was much more important than the stage set-up.Dancers in the air

Many of the dancers have never danced when they join 13th Floor, and have to develop very, very fast. The good thing is that they are super committed, so they will redo a series or routine over and over and over! Hilde Dedekind was the second photographer on the shoot, and the official designer and photographer for 13th Floor


The dancers and Performers of 13th Floor

UNISA Little Theatre, Pretoria, South Africa


Dancer by Sean Nel

by Sean Nel
Sean Nel
All images and video copyright Sean Nel

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