Create beautifully smooth and professional video sequences with a Benro DSLR Video Slider. Benro has earned a respectful reputation for producing high-quality photographic support systems and their video sliders are no different. Invest in a slider and transform your video production repertoire.


Benro MoveOver Video Systems help you produce smooth and stable videos no matter how complicated the operation is.

R 7,795.00 R 10,995.00

This jib arm can hold cameras weighing up to 4 kg and extend them from 48.4" up to a max height of 72.8".

R 6,095.00 R 8,595.00

Create smooth linear cinematic sliding effects with this dual carbon video slider that supports two tripods & two light stands.

R 6,245.00 R 8,795.00

The Benro MoveOver4 Slider A04S9 is an entry-level, portable camera slider to help you achieve that ..

R 4,395.00
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Achieve that cinematic look and feel you're after with the entry-level, portable video camera slider.

R 2,270.00 R 3,195.00
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