Benro video heads allow you to take professional videos with smooth, controlled and precise 360° panning rotation. It can also tilt 90° forward (lens down) and 70° backwards (lens up).

Since the weight of cameras differs, these affordable fluid heads also feature adjustable counterbalance systems for stable support no matter your payload; whilst bubble levels enable easy levelling even in dark situations. These video tripod heads' QR plates are also highly compatible for greater mounting opportunities, whether Arca-Swiss or 501PL (Manfrotto).


Blurred images will be a thing of the past with this video heads helping you to get the perfect panning shot.

R 3,120.00 R 4,395.00

This video head gives you access to smooth panning, getting that great shot without blurs from shaking hands.

R 2,295.00
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Getting that perfect panning shot is now possible with this Benro Fluid video head, getting rid of any unwanted blurs.

R 3,095.00
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