Expand your angle of view with Benro panoramic photography heads. Fully calibrated and Arca-Swiss compatible, Benro adds extra control and versatility to your camera support system with stable 360° rotational panning.

Like their tripods and monopods, Benro's panoramic photography gear are easy to handle with lightweight construction, yet offer high load capacities for your heavier DSLR equipment. The Benro Indexing Panoramic Head DP70, for example, weighs a mere 33 g, yet supports loads of up to 8 kg thanks to its clever aluminium design. This panoramic head includes a bubble level that ensures your stitches are accurate at your chosen focal lengthFOCAL LENGTHMeasured in mm, it is the distance from the focal point of a lens (its centre or curved mirror where light converges) to the plane of the image sensor (film) when an object is in focus. A shorter focal length lens sees a wider image and a longer focal length brings your subject closer. For example, a 15mm lens sees a very wide image and is perfect for landscape photography. Conversely, a 500mm lens sees a very narrow image, brings the subject much closer and is thus great for subjects that are far away, like a bird in a tree. With zoom lenses, its minimum and maximum focal lengths are indicated, for example, as 24-105mm. A zoom lens allows you to change the lens’ focal length, with shorter (wide-angle) and longer (telephoto) options, whereas a fixed focal length lens requires you to move back and forth to find the correct image composition. , and a scale clamp that allows you to adjust your camera back-and-forth to compensate for different focal lengths, which is why Benro is well-known for offering the best value panoramic heads.

Benro Geared Macro Head MP80

The MP80 Macro Head from Benro is a lightweight 3D macro base designed for precise 4-way camera move..

R 5,495.00
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Benro Indexing Panoramic Head DP70

Create exacting and repeatable pans with the DP70 Quick Indexing Panoramic Head from Benro thanks to..

R 2,295.00
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Benro PC-1 Panoramic Head

PC series panoramic heads add extra control and versatility to almost any support system. Stable ..

R 2,395.00
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Benro PC0 Panoramic Head

Benro Pc series panoramic heads add extra control and versatility to almost any support system. S..

R 1,795.00
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