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Benro Video & Photography Monopods for Sale

Shooting sports or wildlife with a long telephoto lens can become tiresome without a monopod to steady your shot. So, depending on your shooting style, having a monopod is an indispensable part of your kit. 

It eliminates up and down movement, thereby reducing camera shake during exposure for crisp, clear images / film; yet moves sideways so that you can pan action like a pro. And, if you find yourself in a crowded place, simply continue shooting without worrying that an extra leg might cause a trip hazard.

Benro monopods cater to all your needs, which makes buying a monopod easy - whether you need a classic, durable carbon fibre monopod to carry the weight of your pro DSLR; OR a compact, lightweight aluminium traveller tripod that folds up to a handy 45cm.

The Benro A48TDS4 Series 4 Aluminum Monopod includes the 3-Leg Locking Base and S4 Video Head giving..

R 4,495.00

Includes a 3-Leg Locking Based and S2 Video Head for a versatile still or video camera support system.

R 3,355.00

Fast & Easy Flip Lever Lock Design.

R 1,465.00

A sturdy and lightweight choice.

R 2,795.00

Lightweight support for the professional photographer who requires added stability when shooting in crowded places.

R 1,465.00
Awaiting Stock

Quick flip leg locks make for a lightweight and easy to use monopod.

R 2,195.00

A classic monopod to be your trusted support system when you go on a photographic journey.

R 1,255.00

A video monopod with a unique 3-leg base that converts to a low angle tripod/hi-hat.

R 6,995.00

Lightweight enough to carry around in your backpack and sturdy enough to support heavy telephoto lenses.

R 1,995.00

Benro Carbon Fibre Monopod is a durable, reliable and lightweight monopod for heavy telephoto lenses.

R 2,195.00
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