Benro gimbal heads are specialised tripod heads for long-distance, bird and wildlife photography; allowing comfort, stability and smooth control when operating large, heavy zoom lenses.

With gimbal photography, simply rotate your large lens around the gimbal head’s centre of gravity for easy manipulation, whether sideways or up and down. Thanks to their compatibility with international QR plates, Benro gimbal heads offer the best value for money.

Benro GH Series Gimbal Head GH-2-PL-100-BLACK available for Outdoorphoto..

R 6,895.00
In Stock

The Benro GH-2C Carbon Fibre Gimbal Head is a specialized tripod head providing comfort and stabilit..

R 7,995.00
Awaiting Stock

Benro GHA Aluminium Gimabal head available from Outdoorphoto..

R 3,395.00
Awaiting Stock
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