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Benro Quick Release Camera Plates

Quick release systems are specially designed for photographers or videographers wanting to switch between their gear with ease, without having to screw their equipment onto various tripods each time a new adventure comes to light.
Arca style quick release lens plates come in two types, PU and PL, in this category specifically PU plates are shown. They include 1/4" mounting screws that connect directly to your camera or lens. The plates have an anti-slip safety mechanism built underneath, to prevent your plate from accidently sliding out after loosening the connector. PU Arca swiss plates are flat on the top and easily adaptable for both Body and lens. Longer plates are ideal for connecting to lenses while shorter plates ideal for bodies.

The Benro QR13 Quick Release Plate is designed for Benro S8 Video Head. View now...

R 820.00

The Benro QR4 Slide-In Video Quick-Release Plate is designed for use with the S2 Video Head...

R 475.00

Benro PU Series QR plate PU-100 available from Outdoorphoto..

R 535.00

Benro PU Series QR plate PU-200 available form Outdoorphoto..

R 650.00

This Benro MP-B150T L-Bracket allows you to shoot horizontally and vertically without moving your tripod head.

R 1,565.00
Awaiting Stock

Benro PU Series QR plate PU-120 available from Outdoorphoto..

R 560.00

Benro PU Series QR plate PU-150 available from Outdoorphoto..

R 595.00

Prevents the camera from moving on the plate while mounted on a tripod head.

R 345.00

Benro PU Series QR plate PU-70 available form Outdoorphoto ..

R 450.00

Benro PU Series QR plate PU-85 available form Outdoorphoto ..

R 470.00

Benro Multi Purpose MP-B180T L-Bracket is compatible with Arca-Swiss style QR system accessories...

R 1,895.00

Have versatile movement with this Benro plate and clamp base set.

R 2,170.00

Benro PU Series QR plate PU-40 available form Outdoorphoto..

R 420.00

The Benro QR plate fits on any camera body, with a slide-proof rubber that ensures high stability, s..

R 420.00

Benro PU Series QR Plate PU-60 available form Outdoorphoto..

R 420.00
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