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Benro 100x100mm Filter Protecting Frame

The Benro 100x100mm Filter Protecting Frame was developed specifically to protect the outer edges of filters.

This Benro Filter Frame can carry one 100 x 100 mm filter that has a width of 2 mm, it keeps your filter flat while you are busy photographing keeping your results sharp. The filter protecting frame helps to prevent stray light that could cause unwanted lighting effects in your images.

  • Holds One 100 x 100 mm, 2 mm Thick Filter
  • Protects Filter Edges
  • Keeps Filter Surfaces Flat
  • Easy Filter Installation, Filter Lock
  • Creates Light-Blocking Seal with Holder
  • Geared Adjustment System with Holder

The Benro 100x100 mm Filter Frame ensures your filters are protected with its added integrated safety-catch system will prevent accidental release while the product is being used.

The Benro 100x100mm Filter Protecting Frame was designed specifically for the FH100M3.

Benro 100x100 mm Filter Protecting Frame (for use with FH100M3 series filter holders). Designed specifically for the patented FH100M3 series Filter Holder System, the FR1010 filter frame will hold any 100 x 100 mm glass or resin filter (depth of 2 mm).

Designed to encase the edges of a separately available, 100 x 150 mm, 2 mm thick filter.

Helps to eliminate stray light, which could have unwanted effects on exposure, from coming in between an installed filter and the filter holder and lens behind it.

Reinforces an installed filter's rigidity while preventing its sides from having to come into direct contact with a filter holder's slots.

  • Protects an installed filter's side surfaces and promotes sharp results by helping to ensure that it remains flat.
  • An integrated, top sliding lock secures an installed filter.
  • Fits within the filter slots of a Benro Master 100mm Filter Holder or a Benro Master 100mm Wide-Angle Filter Holder.
  • Can be exchanged with another Benro 100 x 100 mm Filter Protecting Frame or a Benro 100 x 150 mm Filter Protecting Frame that contains a different filter needed for other subjects or changing lighting conditions.
  • An integrated safety-catch system prevents accidental release when used with any of a Benro Master 100mm Filter Holder's slots or a Benro Master 100mm Wide-Angle Filter Holder's slots.
  • Can be positioned within a Benro Master 100mm Filter Holder's slots or a Benro Master 100mm Wide-Angle Filter Holder's slots using precise, geared movements.


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  • Benro 100 x 100mm Filter Protecting Frame
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty

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