The Badger Blast Air Blower is the perfect cleaning tool for all your photography equipment. Gets rid of dirt and dust particles quickly and effectively.

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Blow off any excess dust

The Badger Blast gets rid of dirt and dust particles quickly and effectively. The Badger Blower is manufactured from a specially formulated silica gel and reinforced parts to ensure durability and ease of use. A one-way intake valve ensures that clean air is being taken only from the rear of the blower and prevents dust contaminated air being sucked in from the tip of the blower.

A ribbed body prevents the blower from rolling around on flat surfaces or off of tables. The blower features a long and thin tip, ensuring ease of getting into small spaces that need to be cleaned. The thin tip also helps direct the cleaning power to a very specific area. It is light-weight and compact enough to fit into any photographer's camera bag.

The Badger Blast is ideal for cleaning optical lenses, lens filters, camera bodies, video camera lenses and bodies, laptop screens and keyboards and many other digital gadgets.

Cleaning Tip: Quicker squeezes will create a stronger blast. For best results blow air from a side angle rather than straight from the top.

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  • Badger Gear Blast Air Blower

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