Video Mixers

Roland designs and manufactures powerful multi-channel mixing switches for quality live event production in HD or SD. These innovative solutions incorporate a video switch and an audio mixer and more in streaming-ready devices that are easy to use on location, which make these professional audio-video products are ideal for commercial live mixing, live streaming and broadcasts.

A portable HD switcher small enough to fit in your gear bag.

R 11,495.00

So compact and portable, you can bring the V-1HD and use it anywhere.

R 17,995.00

A versatile video switcher that makes it easy to connect & switch professional 3G SDI cameras.

R 28,995.00

A true multi-format video switcher that does not require input sources to be matched to output resolutions.

R 59,995.00

Live production switcher with built-in multiviewer with touch control & HDMI in/output.

R 32,395.00
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