Professional video LED camera lighting for your DSLR provides continuos lighting ideal for use in your photographic studio. Manfrotto and Phottix offer some of the best professional LED video lights for sale online via our website.

Godox LED 500 Light Kit Version 2.0

The Godox LED 500C Light Kit Version 2.0 is constant light ideal for video but will also work..

R 12,790.00
In Stock
LitraTorch LED Photo and Video Light

A pro pocket-sized LED photo & video light/torch for adventure photographers (weighs 90 g).

R 1,599.00
In Stock
Lume Cube (in Gunmetal Grey)

We guess it’s true then, dynamite does come in small packages.​More specifically, 4 centimeter, squa..

R 1,395.00
In Stock
Manfrotto Spectra 900FT LED Tunnel Flood Light

Have constant great light with these versatile Manfrotto LED lights.

R 8,095.00
In Stock
Rotolight Anova Pro BI-S Bi-Colour LED Light

With the development of colour phosphor technology - AccuColour - rendering colour accuracy has beco..

R 30,195.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight Creative Colour Kit V2

The Rotolight RL48 Creative Color Kit V2 combines a Rotolight light, stand, filter kit, and belt pou..

R 2,315.00
In Stock
Rotolight NEO 3 Light Kit

Whether in-studio or on the move, the Rotolight Neo 3 Light Kit inspires creative lighting photograp..

R 30,195.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light

Calibrate colour confidently with the Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light - a compact and versatile on..

R 7,260.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight NEO 2 LED Light

Rotolight NEO 2 LED Light is a lightweight and creative lighting solution combining the benefits of continuous lighting and flash.

R 7,560.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight AEOS Location LED Light Kit

This Rotolight AEOS on location led light can be used as a constant light and a flashlight on and off camera.

R 18,895.00
Awaiting Stock
Rotolight NEO 2 LED 3-Light Kit

One of the most versatile on location lighting kits. It has both a continuous light and flash function.

R 30,995.00
Awaiting Stock
Godox LED 308C Video Light with Battery Pack & Charger

The ideal kit for photographers and videographers in need of constant light when shooting in low-light conditions.

R 3,035.00
Awaiting Stock
Godox LED Video Light 500LRC

The Godox LED Video Light provides a bright and even continuous lighting solution for photographers and videographers.

R 5,155.00
In Stock
Phottix Nuada S VLED Video LED Light

The Phottix Nuada S 'Softlight' VLED light panel is perfect for event photographers and videographers.

R 1,265.00
In Stock
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