We know that camera movement affects the story you are telling, thus sliders, steadicams and jibs allow you to choose the shot that is best for your story. Such tools provide fluid movement for professional-looking motion pictures. Browse our selection of video rigs, sliders and steadicams to find your trusted steed.

Benro C08D9 MoveOver8 Dual Carbon Rail Video Slider

Create smooth linear cinematic sliding effects with this dual carbon video slider that supports two tripods & two light stands.

R 7,995.00
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Benro MoveOver4 Slider A04S6

Achieve that cinematic look and feel you're after with the entry-level, portable video camera slider.

R 2,995.00
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Benro MoveOver4 Slider A04S9

Achieve a Cinematic LookIf you are in need of an entry-level, portable camera slider, the MoveOver..

R 3,995.00
In Stock
Benro MoveOver12 Dual Carbon Rail Slider with Flywheel

Benro MoveOver Video Systems help you produce smooth and stable videos no matter how complicated the operation is.

R 9,995.00
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Syrp Magic Carpet Short Track Slider Kit

This sturdy slider allows for professional, smooth tracking movements when shooting video or time-lapse photography.

R 5,995.00
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Gloxy Grip Movie Maker Camera Stabiliser (Black)

Get great video footage with excellent stabilization with this Gloxy Grip Movie Maker.

R 395.00
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Sirui VSK-3 Video Survival Kit (3-in-1 Video Tool)

Sirui VSK-3 Video Survival Kit is a 3-in-1 Video Tool including all the must have video equipment for creating films on the go.

R 8,395.00
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