Due to the largely popular outdoor lifestyle of this country, many people have a need for using LED torches in South Africa.  This category contains the range of LED torches for sale from Outdoorphoto. Whether you are looking for a small and light-weight solution to fit to your keychain, like the LED Lenser K2L, or a curiously strong beam for game spotting, like the NiteCore TM15, we have it all here. LED Lenser and NiteCore manufacture some of the best LED torches available on the market today.

Lume Cube (in Gunmetal Grey)

We guess it’s true then, dynamite does come in small packages.​More specifically, 4 centimeter, squa..

R 1,395.00
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Lume Cube Dual Pack (in Gunmetal Grey)

We guess it is true then, dynamite does come in small packages, or more specifically, two 4 cm, squa..

R 2,635.00
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NITECORE TM16GT (Includes 4x3200mAh Battery and charger)

With a maximum output of 3,600 lumens and maximum runtime of 610 hours, the TM16GT Tiny Monster Flas..

R 6,755.00
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NITECORE MH20GT Flashlight with 3200mAh Battery + USB Cable

For such a tiny frame this Nitecore MH20GT Flashlight Combo is the ideal tool for wildlife photographers

R 2,340.00
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NITECORE SRT6 Night Officer LED Torch

The Nitecore SRT6 is purpose-designed for law-enforcement, hunting and tactical applications.  ..

R 2,215.00
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Fenix CL30R Rechargeable Camping Lantern

This Fenix rechargeable lantern is compact, lightweight, portable and has 5 different brightness levels.

R 2,520.00
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