A camera viewfinder allows you to see what the camera sees. Fit your viewfinder with a rubber eye cup for added comfort when looking through the viewfinder, or an extender that magnifies the viewfinder, ideal for photographers with impaired vision or who simply desire a clearer view of their prospect image.

Nikon DK-16 Rubber Eyecup

The Nikon DK-16 Rubber Eyecup for Select Nikon Cameras is a viewfinder frame for select Nikon DS..

R 85.00
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Canon Eye Piece Extender EP - EX15 II

The Canon EP-EX15 II Eyepiece Extender provides a 5/8" (15mm) extension of the cameras eyepiece a..

R 370.00
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Canon Eyecup Eb (Standard cup)

The Canon EOS Eyecup is compatable with the following Cameras and is available from Outdoorphoto. -..

R 150.00
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Canon Eyecup Ec II (Standard cup)

Canon rubber eyecup for EOS 1D, EOS 1Ds, EOS 1D Mk II/N & EOS 1Ds Mk II cameras. It is available..

R 220.00
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Canon rubber eyecup for EOS 1D Mk III & EOS 1Ds Mk III cameras. It is available from Outdoorphot..

R 250.00
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Hoodman HoodLoupe 3.2” Glare Free LCD Loupe

Reduce glare, shadows and reflections by holding the Hoodman 3.2” LCD Loupe over your cameras LCD screen.

R 1,850.00
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Hoodman Link Retractable HoodLoupe Lanyard

Hoodloupe Lanyard is a retractable lanyard that clips onto your belt or camera bag to keep your Houdloupe close by.

R 410.00
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Nikon DK-19 Rubber Eyecup

The Nikon DK-19 Rubber Eyecup allows for more comfortable viewing through the camera's viewfinder..

R 155.00
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Nikon DK-23 Rubber Eyecup

The Nikon DK-23 Rubber Eyecup improves viewing comfort and prevents stray light from entering the vi..

R 105.00
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Fujifilm Long Eyecup for X-T2 Camera

A eyecup will give you extra comfort so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

R 650.00
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Canon Eyecup EF

Canon rubber eyecup for 70D, 60D, 60Da, 7D, 6D, 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II / I, 1D Mark IV. ..

R 150.00
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Nikon DK-21 Eyecup

The Nikon DK-21 Eyecup minimizes the amount of stray light that enters the viewfinder and enables ..

R 70.00
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