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Neoprene Body Coats for Sale

Soft, shock-absorbing neoprene body coats protect your camera from nicks, dings and scratches of accidental impact. It also keeps the body dust and dirt free. Some camera body bags also protect your camera while the lens is attached (with a dedicated opening).

Neoprene is a part of the synthetic rubbers family and exhibits good chemical stability and maintains flexibility and form. Having the qualities of super strong rubber makes these coats the perfect protection for your gear and accessories. Other materials included in these coats are not only durable and strong, but also water resistance and protects your gear against harsh weather conditions. These coats are specially designed to serve as a coat for your gear, so imagine how you would wear a warm fitting coat to protect yourself against the cold, well these neoprene camera body covers will do exactly that for your gear, but instead of protecting your camera, GoPro or other accessories like your flash against the cold it will protect them against far worse: horrible scratches or dents that just can not be unseen.

Taking care of your gear and its accessories should always be a priority, whether they are safe in a studio or on your side on an adventure enjoy your journey to its full potential by being worry free knowing that your gear is safely stored.


The LensCoat BeamerKeeper is a neoprene bag fitted to organize, protect, and carry your Better Beame..

R 95.00 R 275.00
In Stock

LensCoat BodyGuard (in Black) is a camera body cover made from soft shock-absorbing neoprene...

R 625.00

Lens Coat BodyGuard Pro in black is a camera body cover made from soft shock-absorbing neoprene...

R 725.00

The BodyGuard by LensCoat is made from soft, shock-absorbing neoprene that will protect you camera f..

R 725.00

Protect your DSLR body from dirt, dust and minor bumps while also blending with nature with this LensCoat BodyGuard Pro.

R 725.00

LensCoat Flash Keeper Black available from Outdoorphoto..

R 495.00

LensCoat’s BodyBag offers your GoPro some additional needed protection from damaging bumps and scrap..

R 325.00
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