GPS and wireless accessories create ad-hoc connections with your Windows or Mac devices, allowing you to transfer images instantly from camera to phone, link your cameras for synchronised shooting, or geo-locate your image with image-positioning information. The "what" depends on you, the "how" on intelligent accessories.

The Canon WFT-E8 Wireless Transmitter provides a host of additional functions to fully exploit the c..

R 9,795.00
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This device is a simple wireless control for your camera from a smartphone or computer allowing remo..

R 3,795.00
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The Canon RC-6 Wireless Remote allows for Shutter Release Up To 16 Feet; Wireless Camera Operation; ..

R 360.00
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This Nikon GP-1 GPS Unit connects to any Nikon Camera and gives you the GPS Co-Ordinates of the loca..

R 5,695.00
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Nikon WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adaptor available from Outdoorphoto..

R 1,420.00
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This enables users to wirelessly transfer their photos and MP4-format video to a smart device.

R 980.00
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