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Battery Chargers for Sale

This category includes camera battery chargers for all Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Third party chargers for Nikon and Canon batteries are available from Hahnel. You will also find Powerex intelligent chargers and quick chargers (made by MAHA energy group), excellent for charging and maintaining the health condition of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.  As a more affordable option, consider the Energizer or GP battery chargers.

Charge your Nikon camera batteries from your car using a USB adapter, a power bank or solar panel.

R 450.00

For select Panasonic camcorder batteries.

R 2,095.00

For the Panasonic DMW-BLC12 battery.

R 995.00

For Panasonic DMW-BLF19 battery.

R 1,095.00

For use with the DMW-BLJ31 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

R 2,550.00

For Lumix DMC-GH3, DMC-GH4, and DC-GH5 cameras.

R 665.00

For Lumix DC-S1/S1R mirrorless cameras.

R 1,095.00

The Profoto B10 Battery Charger 3A recharges the B10 battery in less than 90 minutes.

R 3,590.00

Make sure you are able to charge your Rotolight Batteries wherever you go to shoot!

R 1,320.00

This battery charger features a retractable plug and compact form factor for convenient storage and portability.

R 2,445.00

The Sony BC-TRV Travel Charger charges Sony's V, P, and H Series batteries.

R 1,595.00

The Sony BC-TRW W Series Battery Charger features a retractable plug for easy storage and travel.

R 1,495.00

Quick Charger for NP-BX1, BN1, BK1, FG1, FD1, FT1, and FR1 Batteries

R 1,450.00
Awaiting Stock

Having a spare battery ensures you won't feel powerless when using your compatible compact digital camera.

R 1,350.00

The CB-2LCE battery charger is the original Canon charger for Canon’s NB-10L Lithium-Ion rechargeabl..

R 1,685.00

Charge your NB-13L Li-ion batteries with the Canon CB-2LHE Battery Charger. Buy now...

R 1,785.00

The Canon CB-2LYE charger is the original Canon battery charger for the NB-5L Lithium-Ion rechargeab..

R 1,685.00

The CG-800 battery charger is the original Canon charger for Canon’s 800-series Lithium-Ion recharge..

R 1,695.00
Awaiting Stock

Every Cyberdyne product from the production line is subject to intensive quality control.

R 60.00
Awaiting Stock

Lets you power your Lumix GH4 or GH5 camera directly from an AC outlet.

R 2,195.00

Charge your batteries anywhere around the world using the Powerex C801 Power Adaptor.

R 995.00
Awaiting Stock

Compatible with Sony Alpha A7 III, A7R III, A9, Sony Alpha 9, A7R3.

R 2,195.00
Awaiting Stock

Charge up your NP-FZ100 batteries with the Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger from Sony.

R 2,595.00

The CG-CP200 Battery Charger Adapter from Canon is designed to charge the Selphy CP900 and CP910 opt..

R 2,090.00

The Profoto A1 Battery Charger ensures that you can shoot all day with confidence and no performance fade.

R 2,695.00
Awaiting Stock
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