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Battery Chargers for Sale

This category includes camera battery chargers for all Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras. Third party chargers for Nikon and Canon batteries are available from Hahnel. You will also find Powerex intelligent chargers and quick chargers (made by MAHA energy group), excellent for charging and maintaining the health condition of AA and AAA rechargeable batteries.  As a more affordable option, consider the Energizer or GP battery chargers.

The CB-2LCE battery charger is the original Canon charger for Canon’s NB-10L Lithium-Ion rechargeabl..

R 1,595.00

Charge your NB-13L Li-ion batteries with the Canon CB-2LHE Battery Charger. Buy now...

R 1,695.00

The Canon CB-2LYE charger is the original Canon battery charger for the NB-5L Lithium-Ion rechargeab..

R 1,595.00

The CG-CP200 Battery Charger Adapter from Canon is designed to charge the Selphy CP900 and CP910 opt..

R 2,050.00

The Canon LC-E10E battery charger is designed to recharge the Canon LP-E10 lithium-ion battery. Buy ..

R 1,195.00

The Canon LC-E12E battery charger is designed to recharge the Canon LP-E12 lithium-ion battery. Buy ..

R 1,395.00

The Canon LC-E17E Charger is designed for safely and quickly charging the LP-E17 Lithium Battery. Av..

R 1,395.00

The Canon LC-E4N Battery Charger is the original charger for the Canon LP-E4 and LP-E4N and can char..

R 7,595.00

The Canon LC-E6E is a Compact Battery Charger designed for use with the Canon LP-E6 lithium-ion batt..

R 995.00

The GIGAPAN CHARGER WITH EURO ADAPTOR is available at Outdoorphoto..

R 290.00

The GoPro Supercharger offers 20 to 70% faster charging on fast-charge compatible devices and is the..

R 995.00

This Twin Pro LCD Charger from GPB charges 1 or 2 EN-EL15. The twin charger can simultaneously charg..

R 1,700.00

The GPB Pro Universal Digital Dual Charger for the Canon LP-E6 battery is a reliable charger that ch..

R 1,700.00

With this Twin V Pro Hahnel Powerstation for Nikon you can charge one or two batteries simultaneousl..

R 1,235.00

The Jupio Power Vault DSLR EN-EL15 is equipped with a 2.1A USB output for charging smartphones, tabl..

R 1,865.00

The Jupio Power Vault DSLR LP-E5 is used to charge your DSLR camera on the go...

R 1,655.00

The Nikon MH-22 Quick Charger is a Dual Bay Battery Charger for Nikon EN-EL4 & EN-EL4a Rechargeable ..

R 6,125.00

The Nikon MH-23 Battery Charger is designed to charge the Nikon EN-EL9 and EN-EL9a Battery. Buy now...

R 1,100.00

The Nikon MH-24 charger is designed to rapidly recharge the EN-EL14 and EN-EL14a Lithium-ion batteri..

R 1,175.00

The Nikon MH-26A Dual Battery Charger designed for charging two EN-EL18 or EN-EL18a batteries for th..

R 8,280.00

Accommodates 4 batteries of varying sizes & chemistries (IMR, LiFePO4, Li-ion, Ni-MH/Ni-CD).

R 860.00

The I4 Intellicharger from Nitecore works with commonly used battery sizes and chemistries, rechargi..

R 535.00

With the RED-E 4-in-1 Micro-Mini USB 8pin-30pin Cable you do not have to carry all your different ca..

R 100.00

With the High Speed 4in1 MultiCable from RED-E you can charge any device compatible with an 8pin, 30..

R 115.00

The RED-E Dual USB Wall Charger can charge 2 devices simultaneously. It also has SmartFuse, 2.1A out..

R 195.00
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