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DSLR Camera Batteries & more

This category contains a wide range of DSLR Camera Batteries as well as rechargeable AA and AAA batteries perfect for use in speedlight flashes and remote radio triggers.

All rechargeable DSLR camera batteries and compact camera batteries use Lithium-Ion chemistry and other rechargeable batteries are Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) and will not suffer from the infamous memory effect, thus they can be recharged at any time without having to discharge them first.  Battery capacity is measured in mAh (milliampere-hour). The higher the mAh indication, the more energy it stores and the battery will generally last longer depending on usage and operating temperature.

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Provide digital and analogue cameras with extra capacity.

R 235.00

Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 9V working voltage and 800mAh capacity.

R 265.00

BP-110 battery's powerful lithium-ion chemistry can power the camcorder for up to 85 minutes while recording.

R 1,095.00

Having an extra battery for your PowerShot camera in your bag stops you stressing out when that low battery light flickers.

R 1,415.00

An output of 3V and a typical capacity of 290mAh.

R 40.00

An output of 3V and a typical capacity of 620mAh.

R 55.00

Power up your photographic accessories with these long-lasting 1.5v batteries.

R 50.00

Ideal for low drain devices.

R 80.00

Providing powerful high-performance energy.

R 90.00

Provides powerful high-performance energy.

R 55.00

GoPro dual battery charger and battery for the HERO5/6/7 Black and HERO 2018 Release.

R 1,095.00
Awaiting Stock

A generic spare/replacement battery for the Canon LP-E6 and LP-E6N batteries.

R 760.00

For use as a spare or replacement battery for your ONE X camera from Insta360.

R 695.00

Used to power the D5, D4s and D4 Nikon D-SLR cameras.

R 4,295.00
Awaiting Stock

Powers the Nikon Coolpix P1000 camera.

R 1,195.00

For select Lumix digital cameras, including the DMC-SZ5K.

R 695.00

A lithium-ion battery for select Panasonic digital cameras.

R 695.00

For DMC-TS5, DMC-ZS30 and DMC-ZS40 digital cameras

R 1,365.00

For GH3, GH4, and GH5 digital cameras.

R 1,695.00
Awaiting Stock

For Lumix DMC-GF6, DMC-GX7, DMC-ZS100, and DMC-LX100 cameras.

R 1,850.00

For select Lumix mirrorless cameras.

R 1,695.00

For Lumix DC-S1 and DC-S1R mirrorless cameras.

R 1,895.00

For Lumix FZ80, 40, 45, 47, 60K, 100 and 150K digital cameras.

R 1,385.00
R 3,865.00

For select HC series Panasonic camcorders. Uses Battery Charger VW-BC10.

R 1,850.00
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