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Food Photography & Lighting

Food Photography & Lighting

Creating mouth-watering food images requires more than just a love of food and access to a kitchen. ..

From Snapshots to Great Shots - Food Photography

From Snapshots to Great Shots - Food Photography

Are you a "foodie" looking to take eye-catching photos of your culinary concoctions? Do you have ..


This workshop was presented in end of 2008 and we videotaped the presentation because, as always, not everybody could attend and we couldn't schedule another soon enough.

This workshop contains a bit of theory and quite a few tips in how to use natural lighting or just a basic strobe to light food. It also handles staginging and set-ups and we give a few hints and tips about cheating in food photography (or how to make your food look good!)

Because we shoot for stock, we have to make the food look good, and we can't take any shortcuts that would deteriorate the image quality. 

We worked through 5 sessions:

  • Introduction to Food Photography
  • Setup with Olives
  • Setup with Bread and Cheese
  • Setup with Tomatoes
  • Setup with Strawberry

We also added some after the workshop tips:

  • Mirror Lock-up
  • Freshest Cake
  • Ice-cream and Cherries
  • Strawberries and cream
  • Glass of wine
  • Cheese Cracker

Running time is approximately 100 minutes
DVD contains PC based video in the .MOV movie format
Video size is approx. 640 x 480px

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