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Joby GorillaPod 3K Tripod with Ball Head

Joby GorillaPod 3K Tripod with Ball Head

To help improve stability on unstable surfaces, the joints and feet of the GorillaPod 3K are rubberised.

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The GorillaPod SLR-Zoom is designed for serious photographers. Its sturdy prehensile legs help achieve a steady shot with your DSLR and zoom lensZOOM LENSAllows a camera to, unlike a fixed-focal length or prime lens, change smoothly from a long shot to a close-up or vice versa by varying the focal length. A true zoom lens, also called a parfocal lens, is one that maintains focus when its focal length changes. Due to more moving parts, zoom lenses often produce images of slightly lesser quality than their prime lens counterparts. However due to the inherent flexibility of being able to vary the focal length, they are extremely popular for photography where composition needs to be adapted quickly - such as at weddings, for example.es. It attaches to standard SLR cameras, video cameras and even your own tripod head. The GorillaPod SLR-Zoom can support an impressive 3kg, yet it remains compact and lightweight so that you can use it on-the-go, even in environments where most traditional tripods aren't allowed.

The JOBY GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Ballhead is lightweight and compact, yet still robust enough to support SLR style cameras with zoom lenses. It further extends the functionality of the GorillaPod by allowing even more creative camera positions and better chances to capture great shots! While it is optimized for use with the GorillaPod SLR-Zoom tripod, the Ballhead is equipped with both a 3/8" thread and a 1/4" adapter screw, allowing it to be used atop almost any tripod. The Ballhead includes a quick-release clip with a bubble level that can remain attached to a camera for effortless, instant setup, ensuring a perfectly level photo every time!

Whether you're using your SLR camera to shoot time-lapse photos, get up close with a macroMACROProducing photographs that render extreme close-ups of extremely small subjects like insects, hence its popularity among nature photographers. It requires using a macro lens with a large reproduction (magnification) ratio of at least 1:1, which renders a subject larger than life size. Macro lenses are capable of focussing at extremely short distances (some as little as a few centimetres), allowing the photographer to get very close to the subject. lens, capture your daughter's winning goal from the sidelines or snap images for the local newspaper, the GorillaPod SLR-Zoom is the perfect companion for your next adventure. Throw one in your bag and start shooting like a pro!

Feel the stability

High quality injection molded plastic for snug joints that stay firm after strenuous, repeated action

Position and secure with ease

Full 360º pan and 90º tilt allows for quick change from portrait to landscape positioning

Adjustment knob easily locks the Ballhead into place, securing it tightly

Rubberized ring and foot grips provide enhanced stability on difficult terrain

Switch between cameras quickly and securely

Adapter screw allows the Ballhead to accommodate both 3/8" and 1/4" threads, allowing it to be used with virtually any tripod or camera configuration

Get the perfect shot every time

Slim-line quick-release clip with bubble level stays connected to your camera and snaps into the GorillaPod for instant setup and perfectly level shots every time

Give your GorillaPod SLR-ZOOM even more stability on soft ground, snow, or ice. Spike feet are especially well suited for macro photography in the garden or forest. You can simply pop these spikes on to the feet of your SLR-ZOOM to give your GorillaPod added traction.

Attach your remote flash unit to the GorillaPod SLR-Zoom Ballhead to get great lighting from any angle.
GorillaPod SLR-Zoom clip

Get a slim-line quick-release clip for the GorillaPod SLR-Zoom ballhead that lets you take perfectly level pictures every time!

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