360FLY 4K Action Camera

360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera
360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera 360FLY 4K Action Camera
Brand: 360 Fly
Product Code: 360F-FLYC4K
R 9,995.00 R 6,695.00
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The 360fly 4K is a compact camera capable of capturing and streaming a spherical view of the world around you. Unlike multi-camera spherical rigs, the 360fly 4K uses a single, 240° fisheye lens to capture a wrap-around view of your surroundings without having to stitch separate video files together in post. It also offers an immersive 190° field of view in POV mode. The 360fly 4K combines a powerful 16 MegapixelPIXELThe shortening of 'picture element', a basic unit of programmable colour forming the dots that make up an image. Pixel size depends on a camera’s resolution, which is measured in megapixels (MP), meaning millions of pixels. The more pixels on a sensor, the smaller they have to be to fit. An image's number (or density) of pixels correlate to the amount of information and image holds. Cameras with more pixels on the sensor have a higher pixel density and thus more resolving power, able to capture smaller details with much more clarity and accuracy. Higher resolution images can be cropped more agressively and also produce better quality large prints. image sensor with innovative smart camera features — First-Person POV, Triggered Recording Modes, Time-Lapse Mode and more — that redefine what an action camera is and does.

Dustproof, shockproof and water resistant to 1m, the rugged 360fly 4K comes complete with 64GB of internal memory and built-in telemetry sensors, including an e-compass and non-assisted GPS.

With its brilliant 360° 4K output, the 360fly 4K adds over 6 million pixels, increasing sharpness and saturation in a full 360° x 240° field of view. It comes with everything you need to start capturing and sharing all of life in incredibly rich detail with ease.

The camera works in together with the free 360fly app for both iOS and Android. Once the app is installed on your phone, you'll use it as your all-in-one viewfinder, remote, and editing device, and instantly upload interactive 360° edits directly to Facebook and YouTube. You also have the ability to create and share 16:9 edits and panoramic stills for sites that aren't compatible with 360° files.


  • 16 Megapixel image sensor increases resolution to 2880 x 2800 pixels.
  • Internal 64GB memory and 1.5-hour battery life for capturing and storing up to 3 hours of 360° 4K footage.
  • First-Person POV gives you the power to switch from 360° to standard point-and-shoot mode and back with ease.
  • Built-in accelerometer, e-compass, gyroscope and non-assisted GPS sensors for geo-tagging.
  • Dual omnidirectional microphones capturing true stereo sound for more immersive video and VR experiences.

360 Fly

Video Format
Video Mode (Resolution)
2880 x 2880 @ 30FPS Max
Video Recording Bitrate
50 Mbps
Audio Format
Stereo AAC 48KHz 96Kbps
Lens Type
8 Element Glass Ultra Fisheye Lens
Lens Aperture
Field of View
Effective Focal Length
Minimum Focus Distance
2.4GHz & 5GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth™ Smart Device (BT LE)
1 atm
Up to 1.5 M
Operating Temperature
-20° to 40° C / -4° to 104° F
Storage Temperature
-20° to 60° C / -4° to 140° F
Power Source
Built-In Li-Polymer battery (1780mAh)
Charging Method
Through Cradle using bundled USB cable
Full Charging Time
Approx. 2.5 hours with 1.5A charger
Battery Life
Recording time up to 1.5 hours
Standby time up to 14 hours
Supported Mobile O/S
iOS 9+, Android 4.4+
Supported PC O/S
Mac OS X 10.8 or later/ Windows 7 or later
360fly 4K camera (61mm sphere)
PowerCradle (46mm x 12mm)

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